Interest Rates, Money and Central Banking Assignment Help

Interest Rates, Money and Central Banking Assignment Help
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Interest Rates, Money and Central Banking Assignment Help from Experts

Definition of Interest Rates, Money and Central Banking

Central banking and role of these banks hold a crucial role in ascertaining stability among the economic and financial aspects. These banks carry out monetary policy to gather low and stable inflation. In case of dealing with global financial crisis, these banks have managed to expand their toolkit and therefore handle risks to strive for financial stability and deal with changing exchange rates. The central banks apply policies and procedures to deal with clear policy frameworks so as to achieve the set financial objectives. Also, they aim at customizing and keeping in process some operational processes that are suited to individual country’s circumstances in order to improve effectiveness of central banks’ policies.

As an important component to the functioning of the central banks, interest rate is an aspect that cannot be avoided. It refers to the percent of principal/actual amount charged by lending institute from the customers for use the money. Also, on keeping money with the banks, these are entitled to share an interest amount for deposits over a specific period of time since in this case banks act as a borrower. The money deposited by customers is further used to lend loans to those who need the money under dire circumstances, thereby generating more income for the banks in the form of loan interest. The different in interest rate given to depositors and received from borrowers is the profit margin for a bank.

Role and Functioning of Central Bank

Interest Rates, Money and Central Banking assignment help deals majorly in understanding the role and essence of how a central bank functions. Also, these assignments provide clarity regarding the relation between growth rate of money with currency exchange or other regulatory authority that in turn effects the rate of interest in an economy. This way they get a hang on the functioning of Monetary Policy which involves actions that decrease or increase the rate of interest or for money that a central bank keeps in its vaults.

Students assigned with assignments on Interest Rates, Money and Central Banking also need to study the implementation and concept of Monetary Policy. This is referred to as macroeconomic policy that is majorly followed by central bank and emphasize on control money supply as well as rate of interest. Further, this policy has a vital role to play in an economy’s functioning since is carries demand part which government uses to achieve various set macroeconomic objectives majorly exercising control on inflation, monitoring the rate of consumption and growth etc. The process of implementing Monetary Policy is ensured by the Central Bank by varied measures and steps which include open market operations, reserve system, bank rate policy, credit control policy, to encourage morally as well as via many other instruments.

The process of implementing this policy also has a major impact on interest rate that ultimately affects money supply. Also, such monetary policy is pursued in two types namely Expanding and Contracting. In case the supply of money increases, and interest rates shoot down, an expansionary policy is exercised and contrary to scenario calls for implementation of contracting monetary policy. Also, the Interest Rates, Money and Central Banking assignment writing help focuses on understanding and presenting findings on a scenario wherein central banks purchase bonds by enforcing open market operations in order to regulate money in the economy which further reduces the interest rate.

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  • Regulation of Financial Markets
  • External imbalances
  • Financial Intermediation
  • Commercial Banking and The Money Supply Process

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