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Insurance coverage gives financial protection against any loss which occurs due to an uncertain event. A person pays a premium to the insurance company to avail the protection. The company that sells the insurance is known as the insurance provider and the person who buys the cover is called an insurance policyholder. It works on the principle of risk-sharing. The insurance spreads the risks of few people over the large group of people who are exposed to the risk of similar nature. Availing Insurance assignment help from BookMyEssay explains the reasons for taking insurance. Insurance is required to compensate a loss. The loss may be accidental or due to some mishap and can cause loss of life and property. If there is a proper insurance policy, the survivors will benefit. Always choose a reliable insurance company as it offers the best insurance policies.

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The Concept of Insurance

An insurance is a contract in which the insurance company or the insurer in consideration of the premium paid by the insured agrees to

  • To make good the loss suffered by the insured against a specified risk or
  • To pay a fixed amount to the beneficiaries of the insured on the happening of a specific event.

The basic policy of an insurance is to spread the risk among different persons, who are exposed to risk. For example, if 100 people decide to ensure their houses against the risk of fire, they have to pay a premium to an insurance company against the consideration of the company to compensate them if their houses catch fire. The company shall create a pool of funds from the premiums paid by the policyholders. From this fund, the insurance company has to compensate only those who have suffered loss due to fire. It is quite rare that all the houses will catch fire and therefore insurance is a social way to share the risks.

Types of Insurance

The types of insurance are:

  • Life Insurance – It is a contract in which an insurance company in consideration of premiums paid either in periodical installments or in lump sum agrees to pay a pre-determined amount on death of the insured or on his attaining age, whichever is earlier.
  • Fire insurance – It is a contract where the insurance company agrees to compensate the assured against the loss or damage caused to property due to fire in consideration of the premium paid by the insured.
  • Marine insurance – It is a contract in which an insurance company agrees to indemnify to the insured the losses incidental to a marine adventure against a premium.
  • Liability insurance – In this insurance, the insurance company agrees to indemnify the insured against the loss suffered because of the liability to a third party.

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