Impact of Oil Pollution Assignment Help

Impact of Oil Pollution Assignment Help
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Impact of Oil Pollution Assignment Help

Our civilization is unthinkable without oil. In fact, developing countries are in tough competition with each other just due to oil exploration in the other parts of the world apart from oil exploration in their own countries. For centuries, oil is a synonym for human progress. Dozens of countries in Asia and Africa sale oil to the other countries which is their sole mean of revenue. Oil is a necessity, but it is also the source of environmental pollution.

Over the decades, environmentalists, governments, and many related organizations are concerned about the growing oil pollution around the world. This pollution is not restricted to the land areas only, its onslaught could also be traced in the oceans and seas. Lots of allied matters are susceptible to increasing oil pollution including damage to the environment and animals. Your assignment writing task on the impact of oil pollution can be a bit tricky because of its diverse topics. BookMyEssay has developed an assignment writing service, i.e. the Impact of Oil Pollution assignment help for keeping your confidence high as far as the timely submission and quality of the task are concerned.

When do You Need Expert Assistance?

Working on the impact of oil pollution assignments is not easy. You need to have intensive knowledge of the subject as also expert writing ability. You have to collect data from the reliable sources to explain the issue of the assignment topic. Researching the topic, gathering data, writing the assignment in clear and impeccable English, and following the guidelines are tough when you have lots of other daily schedules. The hardest part of the assignment writing is submitting the assignment within the due date.

If these are problematic, you need an expert assignment help who knows the subject well and possessing experience in helping the students in completing the assignments in this field. BookMyEssay is that trustworthy expert Impact of Oil Pollution assignment writing help. Our team of assignment provider on the impact of oil pollution can meet your needs.

Impact of Oil Pollution: A Vast Field of Study

Impact of oil pollution is a serious concern of the modern world. The impact is not limited two one or two areas; in fact, the effects of oil pollution could be felt everywhere, even the deepest ocean areas and remotest polar regions are spared.

Oil pollution can be formed in three major ways:

  1. At the time of oil exploration from the land or sea areas
  2. Oil spills over a vast area on the land or ocean or sea areas
  3. Oil pollution by combustion in the refineries and while using in vehicles or other mechanical systems

We often come to know about oil spills in the oceans due to leakage in the tankers. Oil spills result in both immediate and long-term effects. Some oil spills in the past even have shown their impacts decades later. We come to know about tanker breakups causing oil pollution. Disasters at the exploration sites or refineries are also responsible for oil pollution. However, these causes account for just 10-15 percent of oil pollution. The greatest sources of oil pollution are runoff pollution, drainage of engine oil, combustion of oil, and industrial wastes. Spillover during the offshore drilling, cleaning of tankers, and natural seepage from the ocean bottom is also considered as the other causes of oil pollution.

  • Oil Spills Spoil Aquatic Ecosystems and Beaches: Oil tanker leakage in the mid sea or oceanic area can discharge large quantities of oil in the sea, this assimilates in the ocean environment underneath. It then kills thousands of aquatic animals and plants. The effects of such oil contamination can last for years. The same problem occurs when such an oil spill reaches the beach. It sweeps into the wetland areas, affects the mangrove forests, and damages the marshlands. Oil spills can even stop animal and fish breeding leading to the extinction of those animals after some years.
  • Effects on Wildlife: Oil pollutants severely affect bird, fish, and marine mammals. Continuous exposure to oil pollutants causes lung, liver, and kidney damage which can even cause death to these animals. The infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill killed hundreds of seals, thousands of otters, and dozens of whales.
  • Effects of Habitats: Oil leakage in the lands and beach areas are quickly absorbed in different levels of the soil. Rocks and sands get a layer of oil which could sustain for decades. These lands become uninhabitable for the floras and faunas of those areas. In several instances, it is seen that once a lively area has become completely barren now.

There are several other effects of oil pollution that could not be ignored. Increasing use of fossil fuel has been increasing the levels of pernicious gases into the air, seas, and oceans simultaneously.

Working on the Assignments is a Huge Task

You have to be knowledgeable in every aspect of this subject. You should be knowledgeable on the latest developments in this field and all related laws. Working on any topic of oil pollution impacts is a matter of great patient and diligence. Most of the students get confused while writing their assignments on the impacts of oil pollution.

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