Impact of Exploitation of the Oceans Assignment Help

Impact of Exploitation of the Oceans Assignment Help
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Impact of Exploitation of the Oceans Assignment Help

If you are a student of marine biology, marine engineering, or environmental science getting important lessons of oceans and seas exploitation and related assignments have the very high possibility. The impact of human behavior on the oceans and seas is huge. We dump almost everything in the oceans. As a result, the marine life is open to several threats; in fact, many species of flora and fauna have completely extinguished. Working on an impact of exploitation of the oceans assignment is not easy as it contains many interdisciplinary aspects.

Your knowledge on marine biology, chemistry, environmental pollution, effects of plastics on water bodies, characteristics of marine life in different climatic condition, long-term effects of pernicious chemicals on marine life, etc. is tested in different ways. We have created state-of-the-art Impact of exploitation of the Oceans assignment help for the students having trouble in on these types of assignments. Issues may be different but with our expert assignment help, you can easily overcome them.

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A Brief Discussion on the Impact of Exploitation of the Oceans

Our discussion will enable you to understand the subject closely. If you are already in the above-mentioned stream of studies, you probably know something about the impact of exploitation on oceans and ocean lives.

Every moment we are dumping tons of debris in the ocean. These include plastics in different forms, chemicals, garbage, sewage, nuclear waste, crude oil, and so on. On the other hand, increasing carbon dioxide in the environment causing ocean and seawater acidification. Let’s look at some direct impact of different dumping products to the ocean:

  • Plastics is the primary source of ocean pollution. Small pieces of plastics are often confused with small algae, animals, and plants which the fishes and turtles often swallow. This can choke their respiratory system leading to death. In the Pacific Ocean over the dumping of plastics has created “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. This is a huge mass of plastic and other waste materials dumped in the oceans trapped in a circulating ocean current. This often disturbs the marine lives.
  • According to the researchers, over eighty percent pollutants that humans form in the land are released into the oceans and seas. Dumping of different harmful chemicals and fertilizers in the rivers also reach into the oceans during high tide or flood. It can form dead zones in the oceans.
  • Leaking from the deep-sea wells and crude oil tankers are other main factors of the impacts of ocean exploitation. It has far-reaching effects spoiling marine lives in different ways mainly birds near the shores and fishes.
  • Ocean mining is another form of exploitation of the oceans. Human activities are not restricted to oil exploration but also extended to several other types of exploration like copper, cobalt, and gold. This spoils the basic ecosystem of the oceans.

There are hundreds of other ways human activities exploiting the oceans. Such activities create adverse effects in different ways. Marine floras and faunas bear the ill-effects the damaging elements in the dumped things. Most of the wastes that are dumped into the oceans possess toxic materials. These toxic materials soak oceanic oxygen. They also create a thin wall between the air and an ocean’s upper surface causing less volume of oxygen enter into the ocean. These leads to an obvious reduction of oxygen accessible to the floras and faunas including fishes, mammals, and other animals who require oxygen to survive. According to a report, more than one million seabirds die just because of oceanic pollution. At the same time, thousands of dolphins, sharks, whales, and porpoises die due to the increased exploitation of the oceans.

Many countries have enacted laws to stop ocean and sea exploitation. Many countries have joined hands to clean the debris that we have already dumped in the oceans. They are also trying to stop dumping debris in the oceans in different forms anymore.

Your lessons on human exploitation of oceans and the related impacts will cover all these matters. So, your assignments will also cover these topics. You have to be prepared well for writing these assignments in the ways the professors or examiners want.

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