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Illustrator Assignment Help

Illustrator – Definition

This software is extensively used to create impressive graphic designs and impart highly noticeable effects in animation. Students pursuing a course in designing have to undertake assignments on this topic and learn more about the use of this application. For this, they usually seek out Illustrator assignment help. In this tool, the graphics are broadly segregated into 2 categories namely Bitmap Graphics and Vector Graphics. Also, known as a vector-based application, it enables the users to draw objects by using shapes, points, lines, and paths among others.

Users who wish to make posters vector images, this tool is believed to be the best choice that will churn out image crispness in variant scales. Illustrator is also imbibed with numerous qualities and properties which enable manipulation on any object. Using this tool, users can work on multiple art boards, toolbox, imageable area, scratch area, non-imageable areas. Simultaneously, a file can be worked on creation, to alter sizes, to be opened, closed in varied formats. This tool enables the users to carry out work in bits and layers so that the same can be customised as per specific requirements at each stage. Various types of tools are used and placed in the application bar in place of menus and switches.

It also features:

  • Page element in Tools Panel that is used for editing the images
  • Application frame group which is used for various workspaces
  • Control panel that is used for displaying options in selected objects
  • Document window that is used for using the window open at the moment
  • Panels used in CSS styles panel featured in Dreamweaver
  • Zoom tool to increase and decrease the view
  • Moving, scaling, rotating, and free transform tool

The tool also enables the users to add or remove panels basis their individual requirements. The toolbar features various viewing artwork like scrolling hand tool user with the help of which a user can scroll and drag the image anywhere on the page. Illustrator graphical designer is also extensively used in digitizing the image.

Common Application and Use of Illustrator

Taking under broad categories, computer graphics fall into 2 sub parts namely vector based & Raster based. Illustrator as stated above is a vector-based imaging program which is based on vectors. Also, users working in this tool are facilitated to make changes in the image at a later stage since the vector image is always editable.

Illustrator also enables the users to create vector graphics basis their geometrical characteristics. Also, such vector graphic is regarded as resolution-independent and are free to be scaled to any possible size. Further, the same can be printed to any output device keeping any desirable resolution without compromising on details or clarity.  Illustrator is one of the most common and popular designing tool which is best to create small and bold type graphics such as logos that always carry and retain crisp line when scaled to different sizes.

Some Common Homework Topics Included in Illustrator Assignment Help

Students seeking Illustrator homework assignment help online often search for sites that are dedicated to deal with all the complex topics related to designing. Some of these are Personal Logo Design w/illustration, Type Logo Design, Application of Pathfinder Tools/Warp Tools, Understanding the Appearance Palette. Students also seek assistance in learning about the interface/menus/shapes/type and various layers/fill. Designing is an art which also requires knowledge about blend tool/gradients, stroke/Pen tool, iPOD Silhouette Ad Design, Technical, Illustration, Character/Logo Design, etc. All these topics are considered very complex that require an expert help to be solved Illustrator assignments which are based on Package, Illustration and other designing topics.

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