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IBM Infosphere DataStage Assignment Help
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IBM Infosphere DataStage Assignment Help

IBM Infosphere DataStage is an ETL platform, which integrates sata to multiple enterprise systems. It uses a high level performance framework that is available in the cloud or on premises. This platform offers enterprise connectivity and metadata management. It integrates data including Hadoop-based big data or stream-based data on both mainframe and distributed platforms. It supports IBM DB2 for z/OS and DB2 Z, applies business rules and workload and also integrates real data in an easily deployed platform.

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IBM Infosphere DataStage – An Overview

IBM InfoSphere DataStage is a tool of data integration to develop, design, and run jobs that transform and move data. It is a component of data integration of IBM InfoSphere Information Server. It offers a graphical framework to develop jobs, which can move data from a source system to a target system. The transformed data is delivered to data marts, data warehouses, operational data stores, messaging systems and web-services, and the other enterprise applications. It supports ETL or extract, transform, and load patterns. It uses enterprise connectivity and parallel processing to offer a scalable platform. A company can accomplish the following objectives with the help of IBM Infosphere DataStage:

  • Design data flows, which extract information from several source systems, change data as needed, and also deliver data to target applications or databases.
  • It connects to the enterprise applications directly for making sure data is complete, relevant, and accurate.
  • Reduces development time as well as improve design consistency and deployment via prebuilt functions.
  • Minimizes project delivery cycle through a common kind of tools on InfoSphere Information Server.

The Key Features of IBM InfoSphere DataStage are as Follows:

  • Enhance enterprise ETL – The ETL capabilities help you to cleanse, understand, transform, monitor, and deliver data. It bridges the gap between IT and business and ensures the data, which drives strategic and business initiatives from big data to data warehousing and mater data management is consistent, trusted, governed, and shareable.
  • Trusted ETL data anywhere, anytime – It integrates information efficiently nad quickly. It applies sophisticated rules and also use open architecture for governing ETL data. Empowers uusers with reliable data and provides governance features. Improves data connectivity, improves the way data is cleansed, transformed, delivered, and enriched.
  • Solves complicated big data challenges – Provides high performance and scalbility for quick access to data. It uses the parallel processing to run in Hadoop natively and access data. It enables a high governance features and a rich integration set.
  • Uses Hadoop – Runs transformation, connectivity, and data delivery natively in Hadoop. You can gain access to the HDFS files in different charcater sets and formats that include the security features like secure gateways and Kerberos.
  • Integrates cloud applications – Provides easy and quick data integration. It supports direct integration with S3 simple storage system for loading data to and from the cloud. Once data integration takes place with S3, it is integrated with the cloud database technologies.
  • Flex point licensing – You can gain access to integration platform and unified governance through flex point licensing. It supports the evolving business needs through flexible access to what is included in it. Purchase entitlement is based on the expected needs.

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