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An Introduction to IBATIS

IBATIS can be defined as a persistence framework that is aimed at automating the mapping that is linked between SQL database objects such as tables as well as other objects in Java. It aids in presenting user defined class or other range of collection objects. Such mapping is drafted and maintained with the aid of xml configuration files. All these configuration files are inclusive of SQL statements when teamed up with other framework concerning choices. Students seeking IBATIS assignment help get to learn about the simplicity that is also graded as one of the biggest advantage featured by the IBATIS Data Mapper which has an edge over other object relational mapping tools. BookMyEssay has online assignment writers’ to provide case study assignment writing on IBATIS.

What is the Protocol of Using an IBATIS Data Mapper?

As explained in IBATIS assignment paper help, users who are willing to gain dependency on specific XML, objects, and SQL. By using IBATIS Data Mapper, users have the option of gaining and securing complete power of both SQL and stored procedures which can be employed and used as per the user’s convenience. It can be explained as a persistence framework that is basically targeted at automating the mapping that exists amongst SQL databases and objects that are sported in .NET, Java, and Ruby on Rails. Such mappings are also decoupled and segregated from the application logic by aid of packaging SQL statements featured within the XML configuration files.

What are the Core Features of IBATIS?

Put in simple terms, IBATIS can be termed as a lightweight framework. It is equipped with persistence API which is best for persisting POJOs, expanded as Plain Old Java Objects. It can be defined as a data mapper who is deployed to map the parameters and deliver results that can form synch between class properties and columns sported on the database table. As a basic outlined difference between IBATIS as compared to Hibernate or other persistence frameworks, IBATIS puts emphasis on SQL use; on the contrary other frameworks make use of custom query language namely Enterprise JavaBeans Query Language (EJB QL) or Hibernate Query Language (HQL). Using IBATIS makes it simple and hassle fee for the users to access a complete framework which facilitates them to map objects to SQL statements along with other stored procedures. Putting this precisely as explained and detailed in IBATIS report writing help, IBATIS framework functions with the key goal/purpose to obtain 80% of data access functionality by minimal code us that can be evaluated to be 20% of the times.

How Do Developers View and Regard IBATIS As a Persistence Framework?

Senior developers take it as JDBC Framework that helps them to write SQL. It is also quite handy and functional at and frees the users from the need to try/catch and ultimately try/catch process. As a high performing SQL Mapper, it enables the users to automatically map object properties so that the same is prepared as per the statement parameters. It is also equipped with the right feature and power to automatically map result sets that are linked to the objects. It renders all the required support for eliminating N+1 queries.

Outlining the Design Philosophies of IBATIS

IBATIS is an efficient framework which sports a number of widely accepted and accessed design philosophies. Some of these are duly explained and taught to students as they seek IBATIS coursework writing help.

  • Open source – to begin with, IBATIS is regarded as free and an open source application.
  • Simplicity – This is the prime philosophy that explains how IBATIS is widely regarded as simplest persistence frameworks which facilitates the users to enjoy the convenience and option of fast hyper-fast development.
  • Independent Interfaces − IBATIS facilitates its users with database-independent interfaces and APIs that further aids in keeping rest of the application independent from the influence of any persistence-related resources.
  • Portability − IBATIS is easy to be implemented and can be set in synch with any language or platform namely Ruby, Java, and C# that is associated with Microsoft .NET.
  • It renders support to many stored procedures to make business logic independent of database. This makes application to get deployed and tested easily.
  • It offers extensive supports to inline SQL and dynamic SQL
  • It is also extremely supportive to O/RM by facilitating easy activities like lazy loading, caching, join fetching, runtime code creation and inheritance.

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