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Horizontal and Vertical Integration Strategy Assignment Help
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Online Horizontal and Vertical Integration Strategy Assignment Help

Introduction of these Integration Tools

Horizontal and Vertical Integration Strategy has got to play a crucial part in running of a business. These are used as important management tools that are different in application yet aim towards improving the overall business process to benefit a company. Students can select online Horizontal and Vertical Integration Strategy assignment help service provided by BookMyEssay and get plagiarism free work without any complexity. Studying these management practices has come across as a challenge for many students who are not comfortable in managing theoretical assignments. The integration methods are applied as leadership tools. Since this is a complex topic, it has also become important as a part of leadership to attain goals and objectives.

These act as important leadership tools, there are many assignments that are based on the discussion of integration methods. These find extensive application of these integration methods across MNCs and other reputed firms.

Definition of Vertical Integration

It is explained as Vertical Integration which works as a competitive strategy that helps a company takes complete control and exercise grip on one or extra stages to steer product manufacturing or distribution. These practices are adopted across a company that needs to apply for vertical integration. Thus, it helps in controlling the amount of raw materials that are needed to manufacture products. This strategy helps in vertical integration that helps in controlling the product distribution.

On the contrary, horizontal integration works as a competitive strategy that are deployed by the company. This kind of integration works as business activities acquisition assessed at the same level in the entire value chain that are employed in similar or different industries. This kind of integration is related to business that can be merged with similar business in other country to have a grasp in foreign markets. This kind of integration find extensive application in varied aspects:

  • Monopoly: This type of integration needs to be implemented in MNC in order to attain to gather monopoly in the industry. This ensured that MNC are geared to consolidate their businesses.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: This integration also assist MNC to perform mergers and acquisitions by taking over partners, that are strategically strong and work as good performers. This also ensures that core business turns stronger.
  • Competition: This kind of integration is adopted by MNC to meet with the challenges of competitive firms. For instance, if a manufacturing company faces challenges from its counterparts that help taking over other manufacturing firms to face competition.

Outlining the Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Integration

Horizontal and Vertical Integration Strategy assignment help mostly cover the aspects of difference between these 2 kind of integration methods. Each assignment type based on this topic assess the differentiating points on these two methods.

  • Nature: In horizontal combination, there are certain units that conduct trade or activity that are joined together since these operate at a common stage in the industry. On the other hand, vertical combination, these units function between different stages during the product manufacturing.
  • Aim: Horizontal integration eliminates competition and help in acquiring economies in marketing. On the other hand, vertical integration injects self-sufficiency in supply of materials and aids on marketing of transitional products.
  • Market control: Horizontal integration leads to market control or to create monopoly and the case is reverse for vertical integration.
  • Discarding of Competition: The horizontal tool aids at competition between units that are combined. But this is different in vertical integration wherein combined units do not compete with each other.
  • Selling sufficiency: Horizontal method involves a combination which fails to lead to materials self-sufficiency. On the other hand, vertical integration, product manufacturer integrates with the raw material supplier that results in self-sufficiency.
  • Specialization: In case of horizontal method, there is specialty among integrating units when all the products are set in combination for produce a final one. Whereas for vertical integration, each unit is specialized to handle a particular process or deal with a specific stage of production.

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