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Herodotus Assignment Help

Herodotus is one of the most popular personalities in history. His life and work have remained a matter of study for the students and researchers all over the world. As such, students are often given assignments on Herodotus quite often. BookMyEssay, the most known assignment writing service, provides Herodotus assignment help to students, irrespective of their study levels. BookMyEssay has appointed some highly educated academicians who have expert knowledge on this popular personality, and his work.

Historians call Herodotus as the “father of history“. Herodotus was the first writer who tried to find out what had happened in the past. He wanted to write down the past incidents so that people could remember those incidents later.

Herodotus: His Life and Work

It is believed by the historians that Herodotus lived in Turkey in between 484BCE to 425BCE. Names of his father and mother were Lyxes and Dryo. Herodotus was a writer who developed the field of study known as ‘history‘. Cicero, the famous writer and orator called him the “father of history” due to his famous work “The Histories“. He was also called “The father of lies” by his critics, who believed that the description in “The History” was not true.

Herodotus recognizes himself in the preface to his work as a native of Halicarnassus, which is situated on the south-west coast of Asia Minor. This is believed to be the birthplace of Herodotus. But in several other famous personalities like Aristotle and the Sudaclaimd that Herodotus was born in Thurii. This inconsistency in opinions on his birthplace is generally understood as an error made in the ancient sources when Herodotus’ work was translated in other languages. Herodotus may have lived in Thurii, but he had not been born there. It is proved by the researchers that Herodotus traveled widely in Egypt, Africa and Asia Minor and wrote extensively about his experiences and observations. It provided later generations the thorough accounts of significant historical events, such as the Battles of Marathon and Peluseum, and everyday life in Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, etc. He has also written on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world. But, many description and interpretations written by Herodotus was not completely true. Researchers have proved that many incidents described by Herodotus were not correct representation of history.

Herodotus as the Father of History:

Instead of settling in a place, Herodotus spent his entire life roaming from one Persian territory to another. He travelled in the Mediterranean region to Egypt and traveled from Palestine to Syria and then Babylon. He crossed through Macedonia and then visited all the islands of the Greek Archipelago, like: Thasos, Rhodes, Samos, Cyprus, Delos, Paros, Samothrace, Crete, Cythera and Aegina. He also sailed through the Hellespont to the Black Sea and then kept travelling up to Danube River. While travelling through these countries and continents Herodotus gathered stories, myths and also learnt about social and economic structures in different countries.

Throughout his life, Herodotus wrote an account on the origins and execution of the Greco-Persian Wars, which he called “The Histories“. It is from his work that we get the modern meaning of the word “history“. His work was a candid account of the wars.

Toughness of Herodotus Assignment:

Assignments on Herodotus are quite interesting and challenging ones. Without in-depth knowledge on the life and work of Herodotus, it is really tough for students to complete Herodotus assignments on Herodotus successfully. There are lots of topics on Herodotus that can’t written elaborately without having thorough understanding on the complete life of Herodotus. This famous person had traveled in different parts of the world throughout his life time. Hence, to understand his works, one needs to know his thoughts and motifs.

Students sometimes fall into grave situations while handling assignments on Herodotus, because they couldn’t understand how to approach such assignments correctly.

How Does BookMyEssay Help the Students?

There are different aspects in the assignments related to Herodotus and his works. Students find it tough to use and explain various aspects of these types of assignments. Time given to write assignments are too short to accomplish all aspects of assignments completely. At the same time, lack of experience and insufficient knowledge on different aspects of assignments make their job tougher and unsuitable for submission. It is also sometimes found that an assignment seems finalized in all aspects, but the content is not meeting the basic requirements of the assignment, or the student has adopted a completely different approach to solve the task given in the assignment. It leads to poor scores in the examinations, which may have serious consequence in future as far as grade in the final examination are concerned.

The writers of BookMyEssay know what prevents a student from writing a good assignment on Herodotus. Ultimately, good score in the assessment matters a lot to a student. Every lacking in the student is efficiently fulfilled by BookMyEssay history assignment writing experts and rest of the team. The students’ help-desk provides 24/7 service to the international students, and the entire service is very much affordable to the students.

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