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Haitian Creole Assignment Help

Haitian Creole, a vernacular language, French-based was developed in the late 17th century and the early 18th century. This language is spoken by 10-12 million of the total world’s population and it is the only language of most of the Haitians. It developed principally on Haiti sugar plantations from the contacts between the African slaves and French colonists. If you are looking for immediate Foreign Languages help such as Haitian Creole assignment help, then the online tutors of BookMyEssay are there to provide every kind of help. It is one of the official languages of Haiti since 1987 and it is also the first language of 95 percent of the Haitians, particularly in the rural areas. Similarly, like the other French creoles, the grammatical features of this language are related to the nonstandard dialects of the early French-speaking colonists. At BookMyEssay, we have hired specialized assignment help tutors who can assist the students with their Haitian Creole case study writing help in the most efficient manner. We always offer a completely original and an error-free solution.

Haitian Creole – An Overview

Haitian Creole is spoken by 7 million people in Haiti. This language is also spoken in Canada, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, French Guiana, France, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, and the U.S. It is based on French language and also on African Languages that is spoken by the slaves who are brought from West Africa for working on the plantations. It is sometimes incorrectly said to be the broken French or a French dialect. This language has its own grammar, pronunciation, pragmatics, and vocabulary. The originality of this language is well explained by the Haitian Creole essay homework writing experts.

Though Kreyol is the language spoken by all the citizens of Haiti and though it was recognized as the official language of Haiti together with French in the year 1961, it enjoys less position than French. Haiti became independent in 1804 from France but still, French is considered the prestige language of power and government. French is mostly spoken by the urban and elite class people that constitute about 8 to 10 percent of the total population of Haiti. Additionally, urban French schools enjoy more privilege than the rural Kreyol schools.

The print media Creole is badly hampered because of the social and regional variations in orthography and language. Newspapers are not reachable to most of the citizens because of the language differences, cost, and illiteracy. There are very few television channels, which broadcast in Creole. Radio is an important medium to communicate and it keeps the Haitians informed. In the very large communities of Creole in Miami, New York, and Boston, this subject is used as an instruction in the primary and the secondary schools.

It has mainly three geographical dialects and most commonly the Haitians speak more than one of the following languages such as:

  • The northern dialect is spoken in the second largest city of Haiti, Cap-Haitian, Port-au-Prince
  • The central dialect is spoken in the metropolitan capital
  • Southern dialect, spoken in Caynes, the city in south Haiti.

Attempt to write in the Creole language goes back to the 18th century. However, as the status of Haiti remained low, very little is written in it and the language of literacy remained French. There were many orthographies, based on the traditions of French, which did not represent accurately the sound system of Creole. The first writing was developed in 1940s independent of French. The system was later on modified in the 1950s and it includes changes. This brought the language closer to French. The modified version was in use until 1975, when another orthography combining the two systems was introduced. It employs consistent one symbol-one sound correspondence; this system was approved formally by Haitian Government in the year 1979. Most of the language materials in Haitian are written with this orthography.

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