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Google Map Maker Assignment Help
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Google Map Maker Assignment Help

An Introduction to Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker is viewed as a discontinued mapping as well as a map editing service which was launched by Google in June 2008. In the spheres of geography, it is tough to locate providers of excellent map data and user contributions can be used for increasing the quality of the map. Students who are involved in the study of Google Map Maker are asked to complete assignments, and when they require the finest Google Map Maker assignment help, they look forward to the assistance of the writers of BookMyEssay. We are proud of the fact that every writer from our organization is highly qualified. As we have been writing assignments for a long time, so, we can develop an assignment with extreme ease. We provide the students the instant assignment help that they are unlikely to get from other service providers. When students take Google Map Maker case study assignment help from us, they manage to get flying grades in their assignment papers.

More Information on Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker got officially closed on 31st March 2017 and many of its characteristics are being combined into Google Maps. From the year 2008, Google Map Maker community are editing and moderating countless features for improving the experience of Google Maps. For making it easier for the users of Google Maps, it has made many alterations to the map. Additionally, it has begun to advance functionality from Google Map Maker to Google Maps. This change could be felt on both mobiles and desktop computers. Students take Google Map Maker homework writing service because we provide with detailed structure of this topic in writing. The key editing features that are presently obtainable in Google Maps comprise:

  • Add a location
  • Edit information regarding the location
  • Share more particulars about a location
  • Reasonable edits
  • Edit road segments
  • View the position of your edits

The Features that Were on Google Maps

In Google Maps, users could draw features onto a map directly where the borders have been already drawn. Additionally, it was possible to include features, like railways, rivers, roads, etc. Users could also include particular services and buildings onto the map, like local businesses, services, etc. When you first looked at it, the site looked quite similar to Google Maps. The three maps, like satellite, hybrid, and map were obtainable and they permitted the users to look at the map data and a satellite image of the area and sometimes, a combination of both these things. By using the find or the browse tools, contributors could include and edit the current features on the map. The three types of drawing were available, firstly, placemark. Placemark is a solo point of concentration on the map. The second was the line and it was used for drawing railways, rivers, and roads. Thirdly, polygon and it was used to define borders, boundaries, lakes, parks and different other big features. These methods were used by users and also by Google for tracing features, like roads from the current satellite imagery. However, this approach wasn’t useful in places that have bad satellite imagery and users developed fewer map data in that parts.

The novice users’ contributions were weakened by more progressive reviewers or users at Google for ensuring quality and avert vandalism. When users made more fruitful contributions, then their edits were less monitored and might have been published straightaway on the map. Some larger features might have taken an extended period for being appeared on the map because they were waiting to get rendered by the server. Additionally, contributors could assign zones of the map as neighbourhood areas and that is the zone they recognize well for making detailed contributions. Users could also restrain the contributions of other people in their neighbourhood. This info was private and the neighbourhood that a user chose wasn’t publicly linked with the account of the users.

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