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Google Glass is considered a futuristic technology which is aimed to revolutionize how you use your devices for interacting with the world. With time, students are getting highly interested in the topic of Google Glass SDK and so, they take up its study. When students look forward to the best Google Glass SDK assignment help, they take assessment from the best Australian writers of BookMyEssay. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the world of assignment writing because of our dedicated services. Students from all across the globe take assistance from us because we provide our best possible assistance. When students take Google Glass SDK essay assignment help service from us, they manage to amaze the examiners due to which they get impressive grades in their assignment papers. Students also look forward to our assistance because we always provide unique assignment paper help. Moreover, we give importance to time, and so, always submit our work within the mentioned timeframe.

Getting known to Google Glass SDK

Actually, from the standpoint of a developer, there is nothing special about developing from the glass. Google Glass is considered another Android device that has a small screen and restricted features. Actually, anyone who has got Android development knowledge can turn into a member of this community of innovative wearable-tech. You will get to learn some novice things, like the difference between “Active Card” and “Immersion”. Additionally, you will notice that the learning curve isn’t steep at all. The need for the Google Glass tutorials is laying the groundwork to develop a Glass application via the development of a modest app which would encompass all the common steps. The goal is saving some time in doing trial-and-error and research and enabling yourself to run your very first Glass application instantly. For learning the mechanism, you have to know the process of setting up your development surrounding beside connecting Google Glass to your PC. After this, you will require creating a simple “Hello World” app that will comprise custom voice commands as well as the incorporation of the Glass start menu. When you will get your initial application developed, you will get to learn the fundamentals of navigation in Glass applications, dynamic content creation, and voice-activated menus. Students believe in taking Google Glass SDK dissertation thesis help from us because we never miss any point while writing assignments on Google Glass SDK.

The Downloading Process

For Android experts – When you are pretty comfortable with Android, then you will require:

  • Getting Glass Development Kit Preview add-on and Android 4.4.2 SDK from the Android SDK Manager.
  • On Glass, you have to turn USB debugging, this means going to Settings>Device Info>Turn on debug.
  • Import a few GDK samples.

When you are prepared to produce a project meant for your Glassware, then use the settings mentioned below:

  • Compile with – Glass Development Kit Developer Preview
  • Theme – None

Head on over to the developer guides and pattern guides to learn more.

For the Beginners of Android

When you are a beginner of Android, then you should begin with the process of Building your First App before developing some general Android apps and then, building GDK Glassware.

You must set up the development environment and so:

You must install Android Studio to develop easily. The remaining steps assume that you have installed it:

  • Click Configure > SDK Manager
  • Install the Glass Development Kit Preview and SDK Platform for Android 4.4.2. Other than this, other things are elective.
  • On Glass, you must go to Settings > Device Info > Turn on debug for enabling adb and this permits your development systems to have a communication with Glass.

You must connect Glass to your development system before tapping on the touchpad for authorizing debugging access.

To Import Samples

For helping you get started, you can get GDK sample projects on GitHub repository:

  • ApiDemo – It is a gallery of a few GDK APIs use.
  • Compass – Simple compass making use of a LiveCard
  • Stopwatch – Using simple stopwatch through the use of a LiveCard.
  • Timer – Simple timer by using a mixture of LiveCard and Immersion.

For importing one of the samples into the Android Studio you require to:

Click on Check out from Version Control > Git.

Use a samples’ clone URL in the Vcs Repository URL field, like (

After this, you should click on Ok on both the screens and build the project besides running it on your linked Glass by a click on the Play button. However, you must make sure that you have checked the sample’s README for petition details.

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