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Definition and Origin of Geomagic

It is graded as professional engineering software which is listed as a brand that offers the users with a complete group of 3D Systems. This came into existence as Geomagic Inc., which is a software company that is located across Morrisville, North Carolina. In the later years in February 2013, the same was acquired by 3D Systems and started to function in collaboration with company’s other software businesses which is named as Alibre and Rapidform. Over the period, Geomagic has become a popular name in the reverse engineering circles and as a popular software provider. It has a strong record in getting a scanned data which is then prepared for the purpose of being used across downstream for the purpose of design or inspection. Geomagic assignment help discusses its establishment in detail. Geomagic after some years of operation became a part of 3D Systems, which was then acquired by the Rapidform, one of its strongest counterparts. With this taking over, now 3D Systems and Rapidform get to offer their smart and effective performing products under a single umbrella.

More About Geomagic and Its Offerings

This is a profound company which is engaged in offering advance and widely applicable 3D technology which can serve the core purpose and Tasks of community. Highly sophisticated and scanning and design software solutions offered by this software company are aimed at capturing and modelling all the 3D content. The same can be easily sourced from physical objects, in the complex forms so as to create products that are ready for manufacturing. Geomagic case study assignment assistance also discusses some other offering made by this brand which facilitates this company to create highly effective and powerful 3D metrology as well as smart inspection software. It aims at verifying the dimensional quality which further aims to compare as-built products so that mastery can be attained in designing. High classy and powerful Sensable Phantom haptic devices offered by Geomagic, work on simulating touch sense when operated in a digital environment.

Who all are included in the potential use base of Geomagic’s Software and Hardware Products?

Since the offerings presented by Geomagic are of high utility, these have found demand across many verticals and domains. all the products offered by this brand are used by customers operating in the sphere of medical, aerospace, automotive, toy making companies, collectibles, coindesign, heritage restoration, jewelry, fine art, research sector, education, entertainment industry, and for the purpose of training and surgical simulation, to name a few. Geomagic assignment and homework help offered to students also make them aware about the fact that these software products are now being employed by some of well-known and highly reputed brands operating at a global scale namely NASA, Ford, BMW, Timberland, Boeing, Harley Davidson, Schneider Electronic, among others. Laying its core focus on creating products that sport computer-aided design, Geomagic software products lay entire focus on 3D scanning along with performing other non-traditional design methodologies.

What are the Key Products Offered by Geomagic?

Users across the world are impressed by a handful of offering presented by this prestigious brand known as Geomagic. Some of the core products/offerings churned out by this brand include the following. Going by the 3D Systems that are presented by software featuring 3D quality inspection software along with highly functional 3D scanners are explained by list below:

  • 3D Design Software – Geomagic Design can be explained as a mechanical Computer-Aided Design software that puts core focus on mechanical systems designing and related assemblies. Inclusive in this range are core products offerings with the name Geomagic Freeform and Sculpt software both of which are voxel-based modeling software packages.
  • 3D Scanning Systems – To name this, Geomagic Capture is an impressive and highly integrated system which comprises of a blue LED structured-light 3D scanner. It is included amongst one of the exclusive pieces which boast of unfailing application-specific software functionality. All these systems are marketed so that these can be used as a substitute for scan-based design tools. These helps in getting a physical object scanned under 3D followed by which the same gets converted into a 3D CAD model or other inspection tools.
  • 3D Inspection and Metrology Software – This category of Geomagic includes some pioneering products like Qualify and Geomagic Verify that are aimed at delivering measurement, drawing out solid comparison and taking into factor reporting software tools that are targeted to meet automated inspection processes.

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