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Genetic Counseling Assignment Help
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Genetic Counseling Assignment Help

Genetic counseling is identified as a process which is done to assess and understand a person’s family’s danger of a hereditary medical condition. Actually, a healthcare professional does the job of a genetic counselor as he has got a specific training in counseling and medical genetics. Genetic counselors are posted in a genetic testing laboratory, doctors’ offices, hospitals, insurance companies, public health, research studies and in different other spheres of health care. Very often, people, as well as their families, are asked for genetic counseling for getting an evaluation done on their personal plus family history. Assessments are also done to make sure that some relative has been identified with a medical condition.

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Who Does Genetic Counseling Help?

Genetic counseling is largely helpful to diagnose any risk factor attached to the approaching pregnancy. When the couple is closely related to each other, there are chances that their genes are the same and this forces the pregnancy to turn into deformities. In these circumstances, people are allotted to support groups and this makes the couple understand the dangers the child will face when they decide during pregnancy. It is, therefore, vital for the couple to assess the circumstances clearly at their pre-pregnancy stage for averting any physical and mental problems in their child.

Genetic counseling holds a great importance in any pregnancy planning. This process plays a key part in pre-pregnancy scheduling as through this process a couple can rule out the chances of a genetic disorder at their pre-pregnancy stage and can take remedial measures. Genetic counseling is required as everyone needs a healthy offspring but it doesn’t happen all the time. Hence, it is better to go through genetic counseling for being on the safe side.

Why is Genetic Counseling Required?

Genetic counseling is required if you happen to suffer from one of these following conditions:

  • If one of the partners is aged 35 or above.
  • When you and your partner are related to each other.
  • When you are suffering from a problem, such as cystic fibrosis.
  • When you have a child who is suffering from mental disorder.
  • When your child is suffering from a genetic problem.
  • If you have had suffered from constant miscarriages.
  • When you have STD.
  • When you had been exposed to toxins, such as teratogens.
  • When you have infertility problems.
  • If you are suffering from any physical deformity.
  • When your family has got a history of one specific disease.
  • When you happen to suffer from pregnancy infections of any sort.
  • When your family has been suffering from a history of problem like epilepsy.

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