Genes and Protein Synthesis Assignment Help

Genes and Protein Synthesis Assignment Help
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Genes and Protein Synthesis Assignment Help

Biology is a study of the natural sciences. It is a science that involves the study of natural organisms, their evolution, and growth. The study of this subject grew manifold after the invention of the microscope. The researchers discovered that there are living organisms like bacteria and spermatozoa that cannot be seen with naked eyes. Later on, significant contributions were made by many scientists, notable among them is Charles Darwin, who contributed to the evolution theory. Nowadays, studies in the genetics field are good areas of research in the biological sciences. Biology is a complex subject and preparing the assignments to consume a lot of time but there is a solution for this problem if you take Genes and Protein Synthesis assignment help from BookMyEssay.

BookMyEssay is the best service provider when it comes to Biology assignments. We are a one-stop solution for all the Biology assignments for bachelor, master and the doctorate level students. If you need a trustworthy assignment writing help services company, then we are the perfect solution providers for writing assignments on biology topics like Genes and Protein Synthesis. We not only help you to understand the assignments but give you the right direction for learning the subject. Biology is a subject that can get you good grades only if you find the subject fascinating otherwise memorizing different terms can be quite challenging. We have a team of experienced professionals with huge industry experience. Our Biology assignment writers work on the principle of affordability and availability, which make the students take Genes and Protein Synthesis assignment writing help from us. Genetics is an important branch of Biology that gives a reason for the existence of human beings and therefore, is an important subject for study.

Understanding the Concept of Genes and Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is a precise and complex process and proteins are present in more than half portion of the dry cell. It is vital for the growth, development, and maintenance of the cell. In this process, the DNA encodes to produce proteins and amino acids. Proteins are used by cells for different reasons and have different roles to play. Protein provides structural support to the cells and acts as enzymes that control the cell metabolism.

Cytoplasm is a portion of the cell that is located outside the nucleus and the protein formation takes place inside the cytoplasm. Both DNA and RNA are involved in the protein synthesis process. DNA is commonly called Deoxyribonucleic acid is located in the nucleus that contains the genetic code of the organism. DNA serves basically two important functions- conveying information from one generation to another generation of cells through DNA replication process and to provide information for protein synthesis required for the cellular function.

The complex process of protein synthesis starts within a gene. DNA is not responsible for the production of new proteins but it controls the process of protein synthesis. This is because DNA is a big structure to enter the nucleus through the cytoplasm. It does this process by sending information through the chemical RNA. There are three kinds of RNAs found inside the cells that are involved in the protein synthesis process. They are Ribosomal RNA, Messenger RNA, and Transfer RNA.

Protein synthesis is a process that transfers the information from the DNA to ensure protein formation. Four stages are involved in protein formation, like amino acids synthesis, transcription, activation of amino acids, and translation. The DNA molecules have a genetic code which determines the proteins that are made in the body are the enzymes that control the biological reaction going in the body.

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