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Game Theory Assignment Help

Game theory focuses on forecasting the results of games of strategy. In these games the participants don’t have complete information about the intentions of the other party. It has its application in an array of subjects, some of which include Economics, Politics, Computer Science, and Biology.

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Game Theory in Oligopolistic Market

In oligopolistic markets, the game theory analysis can have direct relevance related to the study of the behavior and conduct of firms.

For instance, the firms decide how much money has to be invested in research and development. If we are talking about two firms, both of them have to spend on R&D as a dominant strategy. In case only one of them invests in this department, the other one loses the share of market.

The Prisoner’s Dilemma

It is one of the most popular examples of game theory. Perhaps it has been taught to you during the course. The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a situation where the prisoners (two in number) are being questioned over their innocence or guilt related to a crime.

The prisoners have two choices in this situation: Either to accept the consequences by confessing to the crime. Or, to deny the involvement completely and have confidence their partner also does the same.

In this game, “pay-off” is measured by years in prison that depends on their choices. In such situation, communication between these two suspects is prohibited.

Nash Equilibrium

It is also an essential concept related to game theory. It is based on a situation in which each participant in a game is pursuing his/her best possible strategy given the strategies of every other participant. This theory is named John Nash, a notable economist who won Nobel Prize.

Decision Theory

It is a game in which only a single person is involved. The emphasis is on belief formation and preferences. You might also come across this form of theory while studying economics or management-related subjects.

General Equilibrium Theory

It is a specialized branch of game theory that focuses on production and trade. It usually involves a huge number of individual producers and consumers. This theory is mainly used for macroeconomic analysis of tax policy, tax policy, or other forms of economic policies. It can also be used for the analysis of stock markets or for studying interest and exchange rates.

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Applications of Game Theory

The game theory is generally applied for deciding the best course in case of conflicting situations. It can be applied to various types of business decisions. So, what are the benefits of using game theory?

  1. A systematic quantitative approach can be used to decide the most appropriate strategy in case of competitive situations.
  2. A framework is also available related to the reaction of competitors to the firm’s actions.
  3. It also becomes useful when handling the situations related to a firm’s independence
  4. Management can use game theory for rational decision-making.

Limitations of Game Theory

There are also several limitations linked to this theory. The game theory gets complicated with the increase in the number of players. Only a general rule of logic can be obtained with it instead of a winning strategy. Business professionals usually lack the adequate knowledge related to game theory. The uncertainty in real situations is much more, due to which game theory can sometimes not be applied.

Why is it Hard?

The students often find game theory quite difficult when they study it in their academic institution. Usually, non-mathematically inclined individuals find it quite mathematical, and therefore consider is difficult. You need to have a grasp of calculus for it. If your calculus-related concepts are strong enough, you will not face difficulties.

Though the students don’t face many difficulties in their tests, they feel the assignments are quite difficult. We have often received this feedback from foreign students who were used to easy assignments in their respective countries. These students connect us for assignment help on game theory.

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