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Funds Flow Statement Assignment Help
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Funds Flow Statement Assignment Help Service

Funds Flow Statement – An Overview

Fund flow statement is termed as recorded as an important report on specific fund movements. The specific term fund hints the ‘working capital’ which is a statement that hints indicates a number of means through which the funds are obtained along with ways in which funds are used in line with balance sheet opening and closing.

Fund Flow Analysis which occurs when a specific transaction that transforms the current account on one side and non-current account on other side. As and when the change in specific non-current account that is followed by some other non-current account which does not amount to fund flow. Likewise, there is a major change in non-current account which is followed by change in some other non-current account which does not account on flow of fund.

Significance Defined in Funds Flow Statement Assignment Help

Fund flow statement is termed as an essential management tool which is inclusive of:

  • Evaluating firm’s creditworthiness: There are a number of lending institutions which aims to provide credit or firm loan that is provided on demand by preparing fund flow statement along with projecting fund flow statement that needs to be prepared in future to assess the recompensing capacity of business-man, sole-proprietors, firms and the company.
  • Guidance with Working Capital: Fund flow statement is also aimed at accessing the working capital firm’s position and offers a number of ways to improve the same. It also renders guidance on how effectively utilize all the additional working capital.
  • To Prepare a Realistic Dividend Policy: As a key issue, several firms are unable to pay adequate dividend to shareholders due to unavailability of cash. So, fund flow statement keeps a check on a firm’s liquidity position and aims to create a highly realistic dividend policy.
  • Acts as Controlling Tool: The preparation of Fund Flow Statement is an essential tool that helps in controlling by means of comparing along with actual figures in comparison with past figures by employing remedial actions to enhance better the firm’s position in future.
  • Assessing financial position of a firm: Fund flow statement is aimed to explain a number of changes that is imposed on assets and liabilities that is set between two major balance sheets along with imposing their effects on the specific operational and firm’s financial positions. This therefore helps in assessing a firm’s position to assess weak points.
  • Wise fund allocation: The concerned resources are limited along with ensuring their judicious allocation. So, the total amount of funds that is available for a number of future projects which need to be compared of requirements along with some of the projected Funds Flow Statement. Therefore, it safeguards in preventing business from suffering from a consequence of unplanned action.

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Funds Flow Statement Case Study Help – Some of the Managerial Uses

Fund Flow Statement is regarded as an invaluable analytical tool that is employed by financial manager to fulfil purpose of estimating the use of funds to assess funds sources. Some important uses of fund flow statement by the managers are as follows:

  • The major reason of preparing fund flow statement is defined for altering the assets and liabilities that are entered between balance sheet which are prepared between two dates.
  • This statement aims to provide funds obtained or which are used in the past. It also helps in giving heads up to managers to take correct actions at suitable times.
  • This statement works as a high-end control device which is equated with budgeted figures. Also, it hands over absolute guidance to the Finance Manager for acting on remedies in case of deviation.
  • This aims to formulate a number of financial policies that include bonus, dividend, etc.
  • The preparation of this statement provides guidance to the management with respect to working capital.
  • It therefore helps in taking detailed steps for utilization of surplus working capital to work upon suitable arrangement to improve working capital position.
  • This statement identifies both the strengths and weakness of a firm
  • The financial and lending institutions can refer to this statement to evaluate the creditworthiness of the borrowing company.

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