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Forms of Dividend Assignment Help
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Forms of Dividend Assignment Help Online

A dividend is defined as the profit amount that is left after payment of tax. It is distributed among the owners and the shareholders of the company. The undistributed profit is the retained earnings. This is an income for the shareholders in return for the investment made by them to buy the shares of the company. The objective of a dividend policy is maximizing the shareholders’ wealth. Two main forms of a dividend are there- cash dividend and stock dividend. Others forms of dividend include Stock Split, Liquidating, and Property dividends. At BookMyEssay, we offer you outstanding Forms of Dividend assignment help, which can be helpful to you to understand the forms of dividend and also completing your assignments with good academic guides. Dividend forms are highly important for the survival and growth of the company. Dividend distribution is declared by the Board of Directors of a company at the end of every financial year. If you are looking for Forms of Dividend assignment help, then you do not have search any other resource than BookMyEssay. We have a team of tutors who are highly qualified with many years of industry experience and expertise. We assist you to submit your assignments within the deadline and get good grades.

An Overview of the Forms of Dividend

The dividend payment is generally a cash payment given to the holders of the company stock. But, there are other forms of a dividend that do not include a cash payment to the shareholders. The various forms of a dividend are discussed below as follows:

  • Cash Dividend– This is considered the most common form of paying a dividend. The company declares a date of paying the dividend after fixing the date and mode of payment through an of the Board of Directors of the company. The dividends so announced is assigned to the shareholders right from that date.
  • Stock Dividend– A stock dividend is an issue of common stock to the shareholders of the company without any consideration. If the issue of shares is below 25% of the total outstanding shares, then these kinds transactions are treated as a stock dividend. If the transaction comprises of a larger proportion of the total outstanding shares, then the transaction is considered as a stock split. The delivery is made by issuance of new shares to its partners as additional shares. The distributed shares increase the total value and the market capitalization of the company. The stock dividend is not included in the total income of the shareholders for the purpose of income-tax.
  • Property dividend– A company may also issue non-monetary dividends instead of making any stock or cash payment. This distribution is documented as per the fair market value of the distributed assets. When the market value and the book value vary, the company records this variance either as a loss or gain.
  • Scrip dividend– When a company does not have adequate funds for distribution as dividends then it issues scrip dividends that is actually a promissory note for making payment to the shareholders on a future date.
  • Liquidating dividend– When the company returns back the original capital contributed by shareholders, it is known as the liquidating dividend. The accounting for this dividend is similar to a cash dividend.
  • Interim dividend– This dividend is declared generally during the interim period of the company’s financial statements. It is paid before the annual general meeting and the finalization of the financial statements.
  • Other dividends– Other forms of dividend such as dividend warrant are also declared by the company.

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