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Fluid Mechanics Assignment Help
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Fluid Mechanics Assignment Help

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The boundary between the solid mechanics and fluid mechanics has no sharp distinction, e.g. glass appears as a solid material from outside, but a microscopic look reveals that it is a liquid with a huge viscosity. Materials like sand and grains treated as liquids in mechanics, due to their fluid like characteristics. Even some materials, such as aluminum below the mushy zone behaves as a liquid.

The study of fluid mechanics involves many other fields, which are closely interrelated. Researchers in this field have distinguished between orderly flow and chaotic flow of fluid as the laminar flow and the turbulent flow. In fluid mechanics, distinction is also made between a single-phase flow and multiphase flow. Fluid can go through a phase change through condensation or evaporation, during the flow and switch from a single-phase flow to a multiphase flow.

As the boundaries in fluid mechanics aren’t sharp enough, researches make arbitrary boundaries between fields. In certain cases, the dimensional analysis is used to explain why in some cases one principle is more applicable than the other. Or, when a general model is needed because more than usual parameters are affecting the situation.

Kinds of Fluids

The fluid is chiefly separated into two categories: liquids and gases. The main difference between these two states is that, a gas occupies the whole volume of a container while a liquid has an almost constant volume. But, the difference between a gaseous phase and liquid phase of a material above the critical point (temperature) is not so obvious. Below the critical point, 1000% change of water pressure will only bring 1% (approx) change in the volume of water. So, if the change of pressure is less than 1000%, the pressure will not disturb the volume. In gaseous phase, pressure directly and instantly affects the volume.

Hence, fluid mechanics deals with three aspects of the fluid –

  • Fluid statics: The fluids which are in the state of rest are called as static fluids and its study is called as fluid statics.
  • Fluid kinematics: The fluids which are in state of constant motion is called moving fluids. The study of moving fluids ignoring the effects of external pressures is known as fluid kinematics.
  • Fluid dynamics: The branch mechanics, which take into consideration the effects of all pressures including the effects of external pressures on a moving fluid is called fluid dynamics.

Common Applications of Fluids

Following are the common application areas of fluids –

  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Automobiles
  • Hydraulic machines
  • Thermal power plants
  • Refrigerators and Air-conditioners
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Heat engines
  • Source of renewable energy

Importance of Fluid Mechanics

Fluids are an integral part of day-to-day life of common human beings. Application of scientific theories allows the professionals and researchers in this field to discover and apply the potential of fluids in different sectors and also for various functions. Some of these include:

  • Some fluids, like petrol and diesel produce energy when burnt. These energy is utilized in automobiles and various other mechanical functions.
  • In fluid mechanics, special engineering is applied to create high pressure or force, which is utilized in various types hydraulic machinery.
  • The flowing property of fluids are also used in lubricating machinery.
  • In hydroelectric power plants water is used to generate electricity.

In this way, fluid mechanics is applied in various industries and in various scientific works.

Fluid Mechanics Assignment Writing Help

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