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Freeware Advanced Audio Coder or FAAC is recognized as a software project that comprises the AAC encoder FAAC as well as decoder FAAD2. This supports MPEG-4 AAC and MPEG-2 AAC. Today, students are developing a huge interest in the study of FAAC and this is why they take up the study of this topic. When students are confronted with the task of completing assignments, they find it feasible to take FAAC assignment help from the assignment writers Sydney of BookMyEssay. We are highly popular with numerous students from all across the globe because of our dedicated services. We take pride in the fact that all our writers hold high degrees from recognized universities and they are thoroughly experienced in preparing the best assignments from our students. Due to this reason; we can provide any assignment help that includes FAAC case study writing help with extreme ease. We get involved in the job of completing assignments as soon as we get one and so, we can deliver our work on time.

Get Introduced to FAAC

FAAC is supportive of many MPEG-4 Audio object types that include LTP for the purpose of encoding and ER, LD, PS, and SBR for the purpose the decoding, gapless encoding or decoding, multichannel, MP4 metadata tags, and file formats like MP4, raw AAC, and ADTS AAC. Know more about FAAC or get professional FAAC assignment paper help from our best online assignment writers. The encoder, as well as the decoder, is compatible with the standard-compliant audio apps making use of one of more than one of these object facilities and types. Additionally, it also supports DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale). As FAAD2 and FAAC are being distributed in C source code form, so they can get compiled on different platforms and moreover, they are distributed absolutely free. FAAC comprises several codes which are published in the form of Free Software and FAAD2 is viewed as free software. Originally, FAAC was written by Menno Bakker.

The Encoder

FAAC is the abbreviation of Freeware Advanced Audio Coder and the FAAC encoder is recognized as an audio compression computer program which develops AAC (MPEG-4 AAC/MPEG-2 AAC) sound files from different other formats, like, CD-DA audio files. This comprises a library which can be utilized by different programs. AAC files are generally utilized in portable music players and computer programs for the iPod music player of the company. Some of the characteristics that FAAC have are ‘remarkably fast encoding, cross-platform support, support for more than an ‘object type’, support for Digital Radio Mondiale streams, and multi-channel encoding. FAAC also supports multi-channel streams, such as 5.1.


FAAC comprises code grounded on the ISO MPEG-4 reference code and its license isn’t compatible with the LGPL license. It is only the FAAC which changes to the ISO MPEG-4 reference code that is licensed under the license of LGPL. The ISO MPEG-4 reference software got published in the form of an ISO/IEC 14496-5, and it is freely accessible for downloading from ISO site. IEC/ISO provides the users of the MPEG-4/MPEG-2 NBC audio standards free license to the software modifications or module for use in software or hardware items claiming conformance to the MPEG-2 NBC/MPEG-4 standards of audio. People who intend to make use of this software module either in their software or hardware products are instructed that this utilization might infringe the current patents. FAAD2 has got a license under the GPL v2 which was later developed in GPL versions. The FAAD2 code is a copyright of Nero AG. The source code comprises a note that the utilization of this software might need the payment of patent royalties. In fact, commercial non-GPL licensing is also possible.

The Uses of FAAC and FAAD2

  • FAAC and FAAD2 are utilized in the software libraries and products like:
  • fre:ac utilizes FAAC for AAC support.
  • Avidemux video editing software.
  • Music Player Daemon utilizes FAAD2
  • MPlayer uses FAAD2
  • GStreamer multimedia framework utilizes FAAD and FAAC
  • VLC media player utilizes the FAAD in the form of encoder and FAAD in the form of a decoder for providing support for the AAC audio.
  • CDex utilizes FAAD encoder.

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