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Exponential Distribution Assignment Help
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Exponential Distribution Assignment Help

If you are pursuing higher studies in statistics, you have already come across the term and lesson on “Exponential Distribution”. Have you faced any assignment on exponential distribution? If not, you will receive assignments and homework on that critical statistical subject soon. If you have already faced an assignment, homework, or worksheet on exponential distribution, you know the complicacy of the subject. Exponential distribution needs intensive learning and practice for a complete understanding. Now, as BookMyEssay has brought Exponential Distribution assignment help you can stay unperturbed, you will not lose any marks in these assignments. Our team of statistics assignment and mathematical assignment experts provides all sorts of help to the students having any trouble in working on exponential distribution assignments.

What is Exponential Distribution?

The exponential distribution is a part of the probability distribution. It is basically used to calculate the idle time between the occurrences of the same event repetitively in a given situation. For example, how much time will elapse before a new customer enters a shop or office, how many days will remain dry after a rainy day in winter in a city? How many hours will a machinery run before it will require a repair? So, in all these situations, we are concerned about the time gap between the events. A time gap creates two points known as Poisson Points and the occurrence of the process is known as Poisson Point Process. While learning, and practicing exponential distribution, you will learn or have to use several other statistical applications such as Gamma Distribution, Poisson Ration, Geometric Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Probability Distribution, etc.

A closure look at all the above-mentioned questions reveals that they are concerned about the time we need to wait before a given event happens again. In the case the waiting time is unknown, it is normal to assume it as a random variable possessing an exponential distribution. Overall, the period X we require waiting before an event happens once again possesses exponential distribution if it is found that there is a probability of occurring that event during a certain time period is proportionate to the span of that time period. In other words, X possesses an exponential distribution if the conditional probability as given below is proportional or near to proportional to the small change of length in time called “∆ t” which elapses between two-time points t and (t + ∆ t):

P (t ˂ X ≤ t + ∆ t ≤ | X ˃ t)

In most of the practical situations, this characteristic is very much realistic, for this reason, exponential distribution is used so widely in different real-world situations.

Complicacy of the Subject and its Assignments

From our discussion, so far, it is obvious that the subject includes lots of other related topics of statistics and some important mathematical applications like the integration, differentiation, the use of infinity, etc. The exponential distribution itself has certain properties like Memoryless property which also need a good grasp. So, the subject and its assignments are tough because you have to understand the problem from a neutral perspective, you have to create the equation in statistical and mathematical terms, and lastly, you have to solve it accurately. Exponential distribution has wide many applications in particle physics, radio physics, biology, computer science, engineering, etc. So, you could understand the gravity of the subject. The problem may be given from any of these fields depending on your field of study and course curriculum. Any slight mistake can spoil your whole effort.

What does BookMyEssay Provide You?

BookMyEssay is the most authentic source of Exponential Distribution assignment help. Here, you will get a comprehensive service for any kinds of assignments on exponential distribution and other statistical topics. We have created a strong team of best Australian writers in statistics whom you can rely on the most complicated exponential distribution topics. Our writers have certain traits:

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