Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Assignment Help

Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Assignment Help
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Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Assignment Help

Definition of Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

Exothermic reactions are remarked as a chemical reaction that proceed along with evolution of heat energy. The heat generated at the time of when such reactions happen is represented as +q that helps in stating the exact numerical value of the products. In layman terms, exothermic reactions are showcased as A + B –> + D + q, which indicates its relationship with the heat energy generated. Also, another point to notice is that in the exothermic reactions, products enthalpy is recorded less than reactants enthalpy which thereby calculates the overall enthalpy change to be negative.

On the contrary, endothermic reactions proceed with heat energy absorption as the heat gets added to the reactants during such reactions. Also, the absorbed levels of heat are indicated by (–) sign or by noting down the actual numerical value of heat recorded on reactant side. It is represented as A + B – C + D – q in relation to the heat energy. In such reactions, heat gets absorbed at constant temperature wherein pressure measures the relevant change in enthalpy. Owing to the consistent absorption of heat, the products enthalpy is recorded to be higher than reactants enthalpy. As a result of this change, ΔH is recorded (+ve) for endothermic reactions.

Endothermic v/a Exothermic Reactions – Major Points of Difference

Like any other chemical reactions, both of these reactions also release energy as heat, light, or sound; such as known as exothermic reactions. These reactions occur suddenly and end up recording higher randomness or entropy (ΔS > 0) for the entire system. Also, such reactions are represented by a negative heat flow wherein heat gets lost in the surroundings. These reactions also denote decrease in enthalpy also indicated as ΔH < 0. An important point of exothermic reactions is that they are tended to produce heat in a lab or even be explosive.

On the other hand, some other chemical reactions result in absorbing energy to get complete and are termed as endothermic reactions. Similar to exothermic, these also occur spontaneously but involves a lot of work. When such reactions absorb energy, scientists note a drop in the temperature. Such chemical reactions are categorized as positive heat flow that tend to result in increased enthalpy indicated as +ΔH. As a quick pointer of difference, endothermic and exothermic reactions differ as follows:

Endothermic                                                              Exothermic

heat gets absorbed (temperature drops)                      heat gets released (temperature rises)

for reaction to occur, energy must be added              reaction happens spontaneously

decreased disorder (ΔS < 0)                                        increased entropy (ΔS > 0)

increased enthalpy (+ΔH)                                           decreased enthalpy (-ΔH)

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