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ER Diagram Assignment Help
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ER Diagram Assignment Help

ER diagram (Entity-Relationship Diagram) is the representation of data visually, that helps to describe how data is related to each other. It is normally used in software development of an organization to get an idea on how data will be managed in a DBMS. BookMyEssay provides the most authentic and expert ER diagram assignment help to make students of computer science assignment writing related job easier and proper. ER diagram related assignments require a lot of time and in-depth knowledge on ER diagram and also on various aspects of DBMS with which a software is going to work in an organizational set-up. ER diagram experts associated with BookMyEssay helps the students to prepare high quality assignments that will obviously impress the examiners and enable the students to achieve high scores in the examination.

Entity Relationship Diagram: An Overview

Here are the various components of Entity Relationship Diagram –

  • Entity – Anentity can be anything like an object, person, place, or class. In an ER diagram, an entity is denoted using an ‘rectangle’. In an organization, employees, managers, departments, products and a market place, etc. can be considered as entities.
  • Weak entity – It is an entity that again depends on another entity for its existence, like the installments receivable against a loan, which depends on the loan itself.
  • Attribute – It is a description of an entity. It helps to describe the basic characteristics of an entity, e.g. if we consider a student, then his or her name, id, registration number, etc. are the attributes. Attributes are presented using ellipse.
  • Key attribute – Among an array of attributes against a particular entity or weak entity, the most important attribute is called key attribute and it is depicted using an underline in an ellipse.
  • Composite attribute – An attribute may have its own attributes, like an address may be depended on road number, flat number, state, country, etc. These attributes of an original attribute are called composite attributes. Composite attributes are also depicted using ellipse.
  • Relationship – It describes the relation between any two entities. Relationship is depicted using diamonds. There are three types of relationship found between any two entities – Binary relationship, Ternary relationship and Recursive relationship.

Binary relationship can be any of the following types –

  • One to one – In this relationship an entity is related to one entity only in a particular category, like an employee could have only one social security number.
  • One to many – It echoes business rule that one entity is associated with many number of other entities, e.g. one student can enroll to many courses at a time.
  • Many to many – This is a situation when an instance of an entity is linked with many instances of another entity and vice versa. For example, employees on an organization work on multiple projects, i.e. each employee (instance of an entity) is associated with many instances of another entity (here project), and at the same time, each instance of the latter entity has association with multiple instances of the former entity.
  • Cardinality – This specifies how many instances of an entity are related to one instance of another entity. It further specifies the number of existences of a relationship.

Following are the essential steps that are followed to create ER diagram –

  • Step 1 – It is required to identify an entity. It is then depicted with the help of rectangles.
  • Step 2 – It is now required to clearly define the relationship between any two entities and then describe the relationship. The relevant line with geometric characters are used to describe the relationships.
  • Step 3 –attributes and key attribute are to be added within elliptical figures.
  • Step 4 – The entire diagram now can be completed by depicting particular relationships within the diamond shapes.

These days however, computerized tools are mostly used to draw ER diagrams. Computerized method is much easier than paper-pencil method, due to the former’s flexibility and easiness.

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