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Introduction on Epidemiology

Epidemiology is the line of study of the determinants and distribution of the health-oriented states or diseases. The application of this kind of study is to control the diseases and other problems of health. Different methods can be used to solve these various kinds of health problems and epidemiological investigations: To study distribution, surveillance and studies should be done; to study determinants, analytical studies are needed. The experts engaged with BookMyEssay are very qualified and reliable in the case of Epidemiology assignment help.

Epidemiology has helped doctors to develop a methodology, which is used in clinical research and studies of public health, and also in basic research in biological sciences. Major places where Epidemiology is included are forensic epidemiology, screening, disease causation, outbreak investigation, occupational epidemiology, bio-monitoring, environmental epidemiology and comparison of treatment effects. If someone wants to know more about this subject and also wants to do projects on this topic, they should take the help of Epidemiology case study assignment help. Epidemiology means “The study of what is upon the people”, which is derived from Greek. The difference between ‘Epidemic’ and ‘Endemic’ was first shown by Hippocrates.

Description of Epidemiology

Epidemiology is the medical science field which finds all the factors or cases that determines either the absence or the presence of any diseases or disorders. This kind of research helps people to understand the number of people that have this disorder and detailed information and statistical data about it.

The human communication’s epidemiology is also a challenging field. It is mostly based on self-report like a question is frequently asked to people and according to their answer; the doctor can conclude the ratio of some diseases or disorders in those groups of people. In many schools and colleges, it is seen that they give projects and assignments on this topics which are very rare and people hardly knows about that. In those situations, the assignments like Epidemiology homework assignment help online by BookMyEssay will help each and every students in all the different ways.

Also, there are many epidemiological estimates which try to determine the number of people that are affected by some disorder or diseases. The definition of disorder also changed with time. For these reasons, estimating also gets difficult. Even a group of scientists, who are working in the same field, may disagree about the best way to cure a particular disorder. To complete any assignment in a given time, one can contact BookMyEssay for Epidemiology essay assignment writing service.

There are some Key terms in this field:

  • Incidence: Over a certain time period, the number of disorders or diseases happening in a population.
  • Prevalence: The total number of people attacked by the disease at a given time.
  • Cost of Illness: Generally, the total expenditure to cure a disease is regarded as the cost of illness. But actually, if we take all the factors related to the treatment of the disease then it will be a more complex thing to measure. The other costs are work-related costs, cost of supportive staffs, the educational cost, etc.
  • Burden of Disease: It is measured in the years of life that is lost to ill health and the difference of the disability-adjusted life expectancy and the total life expectancy.
  • DALY (Disability-Adjusted Life Year): One DALY represents the one lost year of a healthy life and it is also used to estimate the difference between the current health of a population and the ideal situation in which an individual can live into old with full health.

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