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Energy and Environment Assignment Help
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Energy and Environment Assignment Help

Energy is the foundation of our very existence. It is the driving force of our universe. The source of all forms of energy in our environment. Energy can exist in varieties of forms like electrical energy, heat energy, nuclear energy, sound energy, etc. Energy can be transformed from one category to another through natural or human intervention. So, when solar rays fall on the earth the soil gets heated. Here, the light energy is transformed into heat energy.

On the other hand, all sources of energy have some sort of impact on our environment. For thousands of years, since the dawn of human civilization, natural energy sources in forms of various fuels have been in use which has some serious adverse implications on the environment. In the various disciplines of science, engineering, and manage energy and environment have been taught as a subject. At BookMyEssay, world’s top-class assignment writing service, you get Energy and Environment assignment help for accomplishing your assignment writing task successfully.

Energy and Environment Assignment Writing Help Online

Energy sources are diverse in nature. From our environment, we get both renewable and non-renewable energy. Most of the non-renewable energy sources have some effect on our environment. We use fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas which have a substantial negative effect in form of air pollution and water pollution. The consequence of such pollution is wide-ranging, it can damage general public health, contaminate water, extinguish underwater flora and fauna, destroy human habitat, spoil agriculture, and much more. To mitigate the issue and keep the world habitable yet keeping the economic and industrial growth sustainable, scientists are finding newer ways of utilizing renewable energy sources like wind, water, and solar energy.

As a student, you have to know all these sources of energy, how they can be used, how the misuse can be stopped, and many such matters. Scientists are also in the constant missio0n to innovate new tools and mechanisms ending misuse of fossil fuels and maximum utilization of renewable sources.

Non-renewable energy sources will be finished one day. As these sources are used up, there is no scope to replenish them in thousands of years. Most of these sources are fossil fuels as discussed earlier. These fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and various natural gas are basically built of carbon compounds. Almost 300 million years were taken to make those fuels. And when they burn they give rise to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide both of which are the primary source of environmental pollution. To keep the balance of carbon in the air, human needs to reduce the application of fossil fuel. We have already released enough carbon and other pernicious gases into the air that is more than what the air can accommodate. As a consequence, the environment is getting disturbed causing various issues that are beyond the human control.

On the other hand, renewable sources of energy, if utilized properly, can provide a permanent solution to all these issues.

Some sources of renewable sources of energy are as follows:

  • Wind: Developing energy from the wind is considered as one of the cleanest and most justifiable processes to generate electricity. Through the process, no toxic material of any form is formed or cause global warming. The Wind is also plentiful, limitless, and affordable.
  • Hydroelectric power: Water is another authentic source of renewable energy. It is called hydroelectric power. It includes both gigantic hydroelectric dams and small river-based plants.
  • Solar energy: It is coming out as the most reliable and easily transferable source of energy. Unlike the other renewable sources, it doesn’t require any huge space or complicated machinery.

Apart from that, biomass, geothermal energy, hydrokinetic energy, etc. are also an authentic source of renewable energy that doesn’t have many environmental effects.

Importance of Energy and Environment as a Subject

Whatever energy we acquire, we have to depend on the environment. Without such sources of energy, the human race is virtually non-existing. So, we have to keep the progress of our economy while keeping the carbon balance in the air intact. Apart from that, we have to keep in mind that several other causes of the greenhouse effect are also disturbing the very existence of every life on the earth. Study of energy and environment is thus immensely important in the present context.

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