Encryption and Authentication Techniques Assignment Help

Encryption and Authentication Techniques Assignment Help
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Encryption and Authentication Techniques Assignment Help

The university students who are pursuing degree courses in computer applications often look for Encryption and Authentication Techniques assignment help because it is a tedious writing work. These days, the students dedicate a lot of time to other activities and this gives them minimal time to complete their term papers, assignments, thesis, research papers etc. To compose an encryption coursework, the students are required to perform intense research on the allotted topic, deduce the codes and thereafter complete the writing task in perfect English. It becomes impossible for the college students to complete the task efficiently and submit the encryption paper on time. Other factors such as lack of skills, scarcity of time, and unawareness of university guidelines hinder the submission of assignments.

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Encryption and Authentication Techniques Assignment Writing Help

The internet has made the sharing of data and services worldwide but problems arise in security and integrity. Encryption is a process of converting the text information to cipher text as the cipher algorithms make the information unintelligible to others. This method is being used in the banking sector for the ATM cards and the e-commerce transactions. Encryption and Authentication are two inter-related technologies that ensure that the data remains secure. The authentication process is used by the server to know the person who is assessing the information. Encryption safeguards the information, this includes reading as well as altering the information. It transforms the data which makes it unreadable by someone who is without a decryption key.

The encryption techniques are usually of three types – symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, and triple data encryption standard.

  • Symmetric encryption – Secret key encryption is a type of encryption technique that makes use of the same secret key for encrypting and decrypting an information. The sender pushes the information using a secret key and transmits data to the receiver. The receiver knows the secret key and uses the same key for unlocking the content in a ciphertext. The identical secret keys are required to be shared between two or more trustworthy sites who want to communicate secretly.
  • Asymmetric encryption – This is also known as public key encryption and here two keys are operated to encrypt and decrypt any information. In this type of encryption, the public key is accessible to all who want to encrypt the original database information using the public key but the private key is available only to the receiver. The Public key is given along with the online transactions and during the transmission; the user’s information is easily encrypted to the original form using a private key that is only available with the banks.
  • Triple data encryption standard (TDES) – TDES uses three different DES keys for encrypting a data. It is capable of providing security with compelling answers in the middle attacks in the network.

The assignments on encryption techniques help the students to identify the strong encryption technique needs in sectors like banking where data needs to be protected from disclosure and modification. BookMyEssay provides the necessary guidance to the students with Encryption and Authentication Techniques assignment help.

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