Education for All

Education for All
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Education for All

Education is valuable in the life of every person because it facilitates knowledge, learning and skill. It changes our personality and mind completely and helps in attaining a positive attitude towards life. We give importance to education much more than other things in life because it is a source of happiness in our lives. We want our children to get success in life which is possible through proper education. We tell them right from their childhood days about the importance and advantage of education in life and how it makes the mind better in future. The students at the schools and colleges develop the habit of writing essays, participating in debates, and many more skill enhancing activities. The online academic writing services like BookMyEssay is there to provide help by writing essay on Education for all.

The Education for all is a global movement launched by UNESCO, UNDP, UNFPA, and the World Bank in the early 1990s to provide basic education for children, youth, and adults. The participants at the world conference pledged to universally implement primary education and reduce the literacy rate in a massive way by the end of the decade. Education is obligatory for all to move ahead and get success in life. School education plays a vital role and helps to develop confidence and personality of the students. Understanding the importance of education, this global movement was initiated by the international organizations as a step towards providing compulsory education to all. UNESCO is the leading agency which is coordinating the international efforts of governments, non-governmental agencies, civil society, and media towards the common goal of Education for all.

What is Education for All and Why It Is Important?

Education for all is an international effort to pass on the benefits of education to every citizen; various organizations like World Bank Group, UNESCO and other agencies came forward and committed to achieve the specific education goals.

  • Expansion in the early childhood education, especially for the disadvantaged children.
  • Children, particularly girls belonging to ethnic groups and in difficult situations have access to free and compulsory primary education.
  • The learning needs of the young people are met through access to learning programs.
  • Eliminating gender inequalities in primary and secondary education and achieving gender education equality, with focus on full access to the basic education for girls.
  • Improvement in adult literacy rate by 50%, especially women and equal accessibility to all adults for basic and continuing education.
  • Improve the quality of education and achieve excellence in all aspects of education.

Importance of Education for All

The movement has met with several progresses, yet many challenges still remain.

  • Almost 250 million children worldwide are not able to read and write, after spending 3 or more years in school.
  • The gender equality for enrolment in the primary education and the secondary education is far from equal.
  • Many children who are out of the school lived in the conflict-affected countries.
  • In almost one-third of the countries all across the world, according to National Standards, less than 75 percent of the primary school teachers are trained.
  • Very few children have access to pre-primary education.

It is critical to achieve the objective Education for all in all the countries equally. There exist huge achievement gaps between the rich and the poor countries. In fact, within countries too, inequalities exist, between communities, regions, and states.

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