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Ecosystems Assignment Help Service

Ecosystems is one of the basic subjects taught to the students of biology in the colleges and universities all over the world. It is also an interesting but tough subject in biology. Hence, students need proficient supervision to write ecosystems assignments and project works including homework, worksheets, coursework, and dissertation etc.

Keeping this particular need of biology students in view, BookMyEssay has designed the best ecosystems assignment help service. They are the most popular ecosystems assignment help provider. They have designed service in such way that students get confidence that they will be able to achieve higher grades in the examinations. The organization has hired expert writers in this field to solve any types of assignments at the quickest possible time.

What is an Ecosystem?

An ecosystem comprises of all of the living things like plants, animals and organisms in a given area constantly interacting with each other, and also with their non-living environments like, weather, sun, soil, climate, and atmosphere etc. In an ecosystem, all living organisms have their respective roles to play and within their own environment their depended on each other directly or indirectly. Such dependence actually keeps ecological balance of the environment. An example may clear the matter, in a puddle one may find lots of living organisms like aquatic and non-aquatic flora and fauna, insects, amphibians like toad, tadpole, fishes and many more. These living organisms are dependent on non-living things like sunlight, water, temperature, nutrients in the flora and fauna, atmospheric pressure etc. These complex but very clear interactions among living organisms or biotic factors and non-living things or abiotic factors help to preserve the balance of carbon and nitrogen in the environment. Thus these interactions are the foundations of ecosystem. Scarcity of any one of these ecological factor may disrupt the overall balance of the system.

Types of ecosystems

Fundamentally, there are two kinds of ecosystems – Aquatic ecosystem and Terrestrial ecosystem.

Aquatic Ecosystems
The ecosystem that is generally found in a body of water is called aquatic ecosystems. It consists of aquatic flora, fauna and aquatic non-living aspects. This ecosystem can be divided into two heads-

  1. Marine ecosystem – Marine ecosystems are the major ecosystems on the earth. It covers almost 71% of the earth’s surface and makes 97% of the earth’s water. Marine water is features high amounts minerals and salts dissolved in the water. Different kinds of organisms live in marine ecosystems like sharks, brown algae, corals, cephalopods, echinoderms, and dinoflagellates etc. The marine ecosystem is further divided into the following ecosystems-
    • Oceanic: A relatively shallow part of oceans.
    • Profundal: deep or Bottom water.
    • Salt marshes
    • Estuaries
    • Coral reefs
    • Benthic Bottom substrates.
    • Inter-tidal: The place between low tides and high tides.
  2. The freshwater ecosystem – This consists of 0.8% of Earth’s surface and contains only 0.009% of the total water of the earth. Fresh water ecosystems are the habitats of reptiles, amphibians and around 40% of the total fish species of the world. Three basic kinds of freshwater ecosystems are:
    • Lentic – Ecosystems in pools, lakes and ponds etc.
    • Lotic- Ecosystems in streams and rivers etc.
    • Wetlands – Places where the soil is swamped for some lengthy period of time.

Terrestrial ecosystems – Terrestrial ecosystems can be found anywhere around the world. They are further broadly divided into the following heads –

  • The Forest Ecosystems – They are the ecosystems in which the flora, or plants is thickly distributed in a small area, many animals and other living organisms are seen in big numbers in a relatively small space. The forest ecosystem is further classified into the following heads –
    1. Tropical evergreen forest
    2. Tropical deciduous forest
    3. Temperate evergreen forest
    4. Temperate deciduous forest
    5. Taiga
  • The desert ecosystem – Desert ecosystems are situated in those regions where annual rainfall is less than 25mm in a year. They occupy nearly 17 % of the total land on our planet. Due to the high temperature, scarcity of water and intense sunlight, fauna and flora in this areas are scarce and poorly developed.

Apart from these differentiation, the terrestrial ecosystems have some other types like mountain ecosystem and Grassland ecosystem.

How do the writers provide help?

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Handling assignments on ecosystems is not an easy job, because the subject is highly interdisciplinary in nature and involves lots of data, images, charts, and field works. The entire team of ecosystems assignment help of BookMyEssay is completely committed to support each student individually who are looking for timely help from them.

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