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Dividend Relevance Assignment Help Online

Dividend policy is a significant process that is related to decision-making and entails payments of cash dividends to the respective shareholders. In this case, a company has excess capability to cash management which also aims at distributing surplus cash as cash dividends to shareholders. In other case, a company decides to purchase its stock back by enforcing the share buyback program. Also, a company needs to pay its due dividends at present or making payment along with an increased dividend if obtained at a later stage.

A company also need to pay stock dividends over the cash dividends to the shareholders that lead to higher capital gains at the cost of liquidity that is restricted. In order to evaluate a company’s shares which depends on dividend expectations that is held by shareholders, a company’s dividend policy is reviewed. The significant inclusions in the Finance Theory relates to Dividend Relevance assignment help as per which the idea is to confirm that management must return some excess cash to shareholders keeping dividends as base.

In case returns are higher as compared to the hurdle rate, a company does not require excess cash. All this is done with the purpose of firm growth and development promising the stakeholders that proportionately fetches better dividends in future. On this concept, there are a number of theories outlined amongst which some offers support to the concept of making dividend payments using excess cash. On the other hand, some theories propose that dividends must be paid as cash or stock. Modiliani-Miller Theorem and Residual Theory on Dividends theories cast-off the relevance of dividend policy. All this has a significant bearing on all the financial situations. Students who need assignment essay help on dividend relevance can contact BookMyEssay’s best Australian writers. They are able to provide best writing service to students.

Detailing Relevance As well as Irrelevance Theories of Dividend

Dividend as explained above is that part of net profits that is distributed to the shareholders. All the matters related to dividend payment are crucial for the finance manager as it have to strike a balance between amount to be distributed to shareholders as well as profit that a company must retain for its operations. Such retained earnings give a boost to a company’s growth; thus, all the decisions must be made with the objective of wealth maximisation.

Walter’s Model of Relevant Theory Must Be Studied for Reference

Prof. James E Walter has presented the argument that dividend pay-out ratio choice always has a strong impact on the value of a firm. The theory is based on ley assumptions like:

  • A firm uses its retained earnings to finances all of its investments
  • A firm’s Internal rate of return (R) and cost of capital (K) remains the same
  • A firms’ earnings are either reinvested internally or distributed as dividends.

How Management Views Dividend Decision

  • Long Term Financing – In case dividend is perceived as a finance source, it will pay to its stakeholders when it lacks other opportunities of profitable investment.
  • Wealth maximisation – As a matter of fact, companies that pay dividends on time gain a higher valuation of share price. So, better and timely payment of dividend has a direct relationship and effect on the share price.

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What is Dividend Relevance Theory?

Concerning this topic, many finance experts have set forward a number of beliefs and arguments. Dividends are believed to be relevant when they are exposed to the condition of uncertainty. Otherwise, a firm’s market value gets highly influenced by the dividend policies. All the investors who are aiming to buy shares demand to know the exact position of the firm to ensure that they will be getting their returns as share price appreciation or dividend income. Dividend relevance is that situation in which dividend policy leave an impact on the firm value.

Dividend Relevance case study assignment help explains the case wherein a change in dividend pay-out ratio will lead to change in a firm’s market value / positioning. In case dividend stands relevant, it presents an optimum pay-out ratio that gives highest market value evaluated per share.

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