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Distribution Theory Assignment Help
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Distribution Theory Assignment Help

In economics, distribution theory is the systematic process of understanding how the national income could be distributed among the actual owners of the factors of income, i.e. capital, land, and labor. Distribution theory takes a major part in advanced macroeconomics. Students need to spend much time in studying and understanding various aspects of distribution theory. Assignments on this theory are also very common which may create some complicacy sometimes. Distribution theory doesn’t act alone. In fact, the entire economics is involved in it. So, writing an assignment on distribution theory is possible only when the student has in-depth knowledge on all other major aspects of economics. This is why the students sometimes look for expert assistance from experienced economics assignment writing tutors, writers, and pure academicians.

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Three aspects of distribution theory

The entire distribution theory is based on three primary questions:

First question: How is the entire national income distributed among the citizens? This is a gigantic task for the government or the agency responsible for the same. For this, the researchers take years to at first set a standard and then group the entire nation within the slabs they have determined. Slabs are categorized like income of people between $10,000 to $20000, income of people between $20,000 to $30,000, etc.

Second question: What determines the costs of various factors of production? Factors of production are actually economic resources that are necessary for the production of goods and services for common use. So, the factors production is simply the “inputs” that are necessary for the predetermined “output”. In this part, several other questions come forth that are related to the functional distribution of resources. What are the determiners of minimum wages? What determines the prevailing rate of interest, and many other related questions require answers to determine the cost of “input”.

Third question: How can be the national income distributed proportionately among the factors of production? The problem of a distributed share of land, the share of capital, share labor in national income are required to be accurately determined in order to systematize the proportionate distribution of national income.

A closer look at all these three issues could reveal that they are interrelated; however, they should not be confused with one another. Answering them individually is important for getting on the right track of national income distribution. Here lies the success of distribution theory.

Primary aspects of distribution theory

The entire distribution theory is based on two aspects: Personal distribution and Functional distribution.

Personal Distribution looks into various categories of the income distribution. Economists normally take help of statistical theories and applications like frequency distribution to get an answer to various questions and then try to solve them. It is quite normal to find that majority of national income is distributed among the people in the higher income brackets while the lower income brackets enjoy just 5-10% of national income, whereas the majority of citizens fall within the lower income bracket. So, there arises an inequality which has a long, sustainable effect on the economy and social setup. Researchers in this category then tries to find out relevant solutions.

Functional distribution looks into the prices of land, labor, and capital. They try to find the factors that determine the prices of these factors, causes behind their demand and change of demand, availability of these factors of production, and how the demand for final goods influence the demand and costs of these factors? So, it can be said that in this aspect the distribution theory is closely linked with the theory of production.

Distribution Theory Assignment Writing Help

All these matters are individually vast and complicated in nature. These lessons discussed so far, require in-depth knowledge on the topics as also related statistical theories and applications. Moreover, these days, various computer software is also used for the data interpretation and analysis in the distribution theory. Every economics students know the toughness and complicacy behind all these aspects in the distribution theory. Assignments on this theory are always tough, time-consuming, and analytical in nature. An expert help with distribution theory assignment writing can make a huge difference in the quality of writing as also in the final grades of the students.

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