Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion Writing Help

Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion Writing Help
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Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion Writing Help

A dissertation is completed with a discussion and a conclusion. These are two parts or sections, however, at times, it becomes difficult to separate them. The very purpose of a Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion writing help is answering the research question. Start by repeating the research question. Do not reiterate a research question but include an explanation to it. Then provide a conclusion based on the outcome of the research. Lastly, answer the actual question and explain the way you have reached to the conclusion part of the dissertation. Do not list out the question and answer to it. Explain it carefully and incorporate it into the remaining text. Give the raw observations and do not interpret. In conclusion, use a simple present tense while presenting the facts or use present perfect or past tense while referring to the research done by you. BookMyEssay, with the help of its excellent academic writing experts, can offer high-quality assistance on Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion. We offer the solutions not only error-free and original but within the scheduled deadline. The top-notch solutions provided by us make us the most preferred destination for the students.

Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion – A Summary

It is not easy to accomplish dissertation discussion and conclusion in the correct way as per the guidelines. Many students fail in this part and get their dissertations back for rectifications. It is far better to buy dissertation help from the experts of BookMyEssay for accomplishing these parts in the best possible manner.

Discussion in a dissertation is a key component. The basic purpose of it is explaining the main results and its potential implications as a part of your study. You can scrutinize your results and you can discuss your choice of method that includes the influence of methodological errors and biases on the data validity. The discussion must address the usual weaknesses and limitations of the study. Importantly, you need to discuss the conflicting explanations related to the results and defend the dissertation argument by relating the empirical findings to the already existent theory and knowledge as outlined in the literature review. The discussion of the results and the final dissertation argument should be a part of the conclusions. The conclusions part is the portion where you summarize the answers to the questions that you pose in the problem formulation. The strongest statement made by you is based on the findings.

Many paper writers often confuse the information, which they include in the discussion and they must place it in the conclusion. One easy method of avoiding the confusion is making it a part of the summary. In the conclusion part, you should remind the reader what you have read. The conclusion should include the following:

  • Restate the research question or hypothesis
  • Restate the major findings
  • Highlight the limitations of the study
  • Tell the reader about the contributions you have made to the already existing literature.
  • State any future direction for recommendations/research

If this part of dissertation seems complicated, consult an expert for dissertation discussion & conclusion and also for accomplishing your assignment writing task in the best possible manner.

The conclusion in a dissertation should not include the following:

  • Introduction of new arguments
  • Introduction of new data
  • Failure to include a research question
  • Failure to state a major result

There are different ways to make a dissertation discussion and conclusion highly interesting, effective, and relevant. Most writing guides advise listing out the findings of the study in decreasing order of importance. You will not want the reader to lose any key result, which you have found. Thus, put the important findings at the center and at the front.

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