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Disease Control Assignment Help
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Disease Control Assignment Help

Writing an assignment on agriculture is a demanding task that requires the students to devote a lot of time and energy. It may happen at times that the students have executed the research thoroughly but might not be able to hit the deadline. In these circumstances, BookMyEssay, an online academic writing service provider can help you to write an agriculture paper and even submit it much before the deadline. We have employed experts in assignment writing who assists the scholars in drafting the papers that can give them the best grades. If the students are struggling with agriculture assignment writing or any other paper, our objective is to provide timely and efficient solutions to all the challenges. We will help you to handle your work as per your expectation and the best paper will be delivered to you.

Agriculture is a vast subject that covers various concepts such as Environmental Studies, Biology, Chemistry etc. Students need to have a good knowledge to write agriculture assignment. To help out the students, we have Disease Control (Agriculture) assignment help writing services. Regardless of the deadline, whether 4 days or 4 weeks, we are there to provide well-written assignments within deadline so that you get time to proofread. We guarantee that the agriculture assignments written by us will impress the reader and get you good grades and further improve your subject performance. Agriculture, branch of science deals with the cultivation of the plant, soil improvement, disease control and many other practices. The study of agriculture on how to control diseases shall not only increase the agricultural condition but shall improve the productivity of the soil.

Disease Control (Agriculture) Assignment Writing Help

Successful agriculture disease control needs in-depth knowledge of the agent causing the disease and the disease cycle. Disease control begins with the seed, variety, and planting of stocks, which are available and are continued throughout the plant’s life. In case of harvested crops, this method is extended through transport, marketing, and storage. A few plant diseases are controlled applying a single method whereas the majority of them requires several approaches. The methods are often integrated into a broader program that comprises of the biological and chemical methods to control pests on a crop- insects, rodents, mites, and weeds. Most control methods are directed against the pathogens and include the principles of protection, eradication, host resistance and therapy.

The principles of disease control as suggested by BookMyEssay about Disease Control (Agriculture) assignment writing help on agriculture are:

  • The exclusion and avoidance principle is implemented to keep way the pathogen-plant from the host plant. This practice excludes the pathogens by disinfecting the seeds and plants using heat and chemicals.
  • After the disease penetrates itself in the growing host, eradication method is applied to eliminate the disease agent. The measures include crop rotation, pruning, disinfection and heat treatments. Crop rotation starves out fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens.
  • The protection principle involves putting a barrier between the host and the pathogen to put away the host from the pathogen. This is accomplished through environmental regulation, controlling the insect carriers, and applying the chemical pesticides.
  • Selecting the outdoor growing area, which is not favorable for the plant disease is a method of control. The viral diseases of potato can be controlled by growing seed crop in the northern regions where the temperature is low and unfavorable. Another disease control method related to the environment is the storage and by keeping temperature and humidity low.
  • The balance between potash and nitrogen can affect the occurrence of fungal, bacterial and other viral diseases of cotton, tobacco, and corn. Balancing the soil pH and adding the chelated salts or spraying with similar salts is a good measure.

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