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Online Dental Technology Assignment Help

An Introduction to Dental Technology

Dental technology is considered as an integral aspect which is linked to dental health care delivery. It is regarded as an art and science of creating, construction and examining of dental, and oral-facial appliance which is aimed at replacement of dental and oral-facial tissue to restore surgically or pathologically for lost oro-facial tissues. It is a technical aspect which entails dentistry wherein a dental technologist creates appliances to enhance appearance of the patients. Dental technologists perform an essential crucial part of dental team who employ their skills in understanding science related to dental material, along with designing skills and fabrication that recreates oral facial tissues of people. Dental Technology assignment help offered to students comes in a timely fashion to meet students’ needs.

What are the Major Divisions Studied in Dental Technology

Dental Technology is recognized as a study that consists of 4 major divisions which are inclusive of interrelated areas with sole aim of creating protheses that is installed by dental patients. It is aimed at restoring oral-facial functions that relates to speech, mastication, and aesthetics which prevents over-eruption of contrasting teeth and the movement of adjacent ones. Dental technology homework and assignment help explains the following major fields among the dental technology:

  • Prosthodontics: This is one of the primary sub divisions with replacement of misplaced tooth with the help of removable prostheses like partial and complete dentures. Such These prosthetics created using metals, like chromium cobalt, gold alloys, stainless steel among others. It comes in plastic such as PVC, acrylic resin, porcelain ceramics, with a combination of additional materials.
  • Conservative Dental Technology: This branch deals with creating fixed appliance/ prosthese which is aimed at replacing the misplaced tooth. This is illustrated as appliances like inlays, bridges, onlays, crowns, post and jacket crowns among others.
  • Orthodontics: This is the next important division deals with straightening/ correction of malposed or packed dentition to normal aesthetics within a specified limit defined by biological factors which is either removable or fixed appliances.
  • Maxillo-facial: This branch deals with thermoplastic and synthetic materials application which is aimed at rehabilitation of oro-facial defects in which surgical reconstruction is non-feasible which is contra-indicted. This is inclusive of various appliances which is subjected to artificial ear, eye and eyelids, lips, nose, hearing aid holders, plates of the skull, etc.

Explains the Core Dental Technologies

Dentistry is a field is ever changing and ever-evolving that meets the patient needs. Emerging technologies to make patients’ experience memorable, thanks to the advancing and provide world-class Dental Technologies. Some of the key technologies that are discussed in Dental Technology case study assignment help are:

  • Digital X-Rays – This kind of technology is fats and infuses less amount of radiation as compared to outdated X-rays. This helps in assessing and educating the oral health of a patient. Such X-rays are safe for patients which contains 90% less radiation which is much better than traditional X-rays.
  • VELscope – It is considered as a special type of light which is lightened in the mouth of a patient to find abnormalities. This is an advance technology form that detects early forms of disease or cancer which involves screening of oral cancer.
  • Invisalign Braces – This technology is clear, which is practically invisible braces which aims at straightening the teeth alignment. It provides effective way to straighten the smile and dental appearance without undergoing the fuss of heavy and metal braces. These braces are comfortable to take off and the patient if free to eat whatever they want.
  • HealOzone – This technology is advance which quick, easy and absolutely pain free to remove the problem of decayed tooth. It contains ozone (O3), that employs using natural gas to remove bacteria and fungus.
  • Laser Dentistry – Lasers dentistry improves the overall efficiency as well as conduct of the dental procedures. This makes it simpler for the dentists to carry out procedures like filling cavities, limiting the sensitivity in tooth, teeth whitening etc. such type of technology is vastly studied in assignment and research paper on Dental Technology which is quick, pain free which eliminates all kinds of bacteria to avoid difficulties.
  • Dental Implants – These implants act as screw-replacements for root portion that is targeted at misplaced teeth. Such implants restore healthy smiles for patients who have their teeth missing. These are effective which imparts the patients with a natural look and feel.

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