Corporate Banking Assignments Help

Corporate Banking Assignments Help
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Corporate Banking Assignments Help

Corporate Banking is the one of basic aspect banking activities, hence this subject has wide importance for the students of finance, banking and accounting. It is included in course curriculum related to finance, banking and accounting and taught across the universities all over the world with equal importance. Students and professionals who need to deal with the subject also consider it as one of the toughest subjects as far as study on banking is considered. Hence, students look for expert guidance to solve corporate banking assignments and Projects. The expert writers of BookMyEssay also extends help for solving worksheets, coursework, case studies and research papers. Writers appointed by BookMyEssay not just provides expert guidance to students, but extends all sorts to help to write assignment a perfect one from every aspect.

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Corporate Banking: An Overview

Any type of banks all over the world have three aspects – public banking, commercial banking and corporate banking. Corporate banking mainly deals with large and small organizations may be profit seeking or non-profit seeking, private or public, government or non-government. As individuals’ open accounts, deals through their accounts, borrow money, and pay interest against loan, organizations do the similar activities in some different and broader perspectives. This is called corporate banking. Unlike personal banking, corporate banking is much complicated arena with many rules and regulations and multiple of services extended by the banking authority and government of the country.

Banks normally keep separate division for this purpose and trains their employees specifically for this purpose.

Purpose of Corporate Banking

The chief purposes of corporate banking include accumulating capital from general public, providing loan to their corporate clients and managing credit given to corporate clients. Another major constituent of corporate banking includes the development of financial tools such as stocks and bonds. Accessory services include cash management, credit financing, loan underwriting and compliance with government financial reporting regulations. Most of the banks and financial institutions interested in serving their corporate clients separate this sector from consumer and commercial banking services to focus more on their corporate clients.

Corporate Banking is not Commercial Banking

Students often confuse corporate banking with commercial banking. The latter mainly deals with individuals and small organizations and uses banking capital as loans to small business organizations, businessmen and individuals. In commercial banking system, banks could also invest their money in different financial instruments. As a whole in commercial banking, a bank works with a motif to earn profit by investing their capital in different ways. In case of corporate banking system, the bank only serves large organizations and look after their dealings with the bank only.

Assignments on Corporate Banking

Different types of assignments are given to the students where they need to deal with complicated issues relating to banking interactions with large organizations. Some common topics in this stream, which students need to deal frequently are as follows –

  • Service to the employees on behalf of the employer – This is a common service often provided by the banks like loan recovery from the employees, deposit of interest against loan, retirement benefits to be paid to the employees etc.
  • Corporate cash management – This service is too important for a large organization where majority of the transactions take place through the bank like export-import transactions, currency conversions, working capital management etc.

There are innumerable other topics and sub-topics which are included in assignments frequently. These assignments are too analytical in nature; hence, require in-depth knowledge on the topics and highest level of concentration while writing.

Thus, students find it feasible to contact BookMyEssay to get expert help and ensure timely submission of the assignments.

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