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Coordinating is basically performed for achieving the objectives of an organization. It is not fixed but a process. It is applicable to group activities but not applicable to individual activities. The managers need to make exceptional efforts to achieve coordination. It does not happen automatically but has unity of action. Coordination gives correct direction to an organization and encourages team spirit. It makes proper utilization of resources and affects the managerial functions. It is also termed as the “essence of management.”If you want Coordinating assignment help then BookMyEssay is there to provide the most professional management assignment writing assistance to the worldwide students. In this highly competitive world, you need the best grades in every subject. Our best assignment helper are specialists having huge experience. Our administration can help you in fulfilling the desires of the universities or the colleges. Availing Coordinating and controlling assignment help from reliable experts from BookMyEssay is the best solution for you. It will save you valuable time that can invest in many critical areas. Students can accomplish top grades in homework and assignments on Coordinating topics that are necessary for their professional future and career. You can take assistance from us because we are accessible round-the-clock.

Coordinating- A summary

Coordinating affects the functions of management. Coordinating involves Planning, Staffing, Organizing, Directing, Leading, Communication, Controlling, and Motivating.

  • Planning and Coordinating

Planning is to decide in advance how to do, what to do, who to do, and when to do. There are several departmental plans in an organization. It includes Sales Plan, Purchase Plan, Finance Plan, Production Plan, etc. The plans should be coordinated and a Master Plan should be made for a complete business.

  • Organizing and Coordinating

There are numerous steps to Organizing. All the steps should be coordinated to achieve the objectives of a business. The managers at the top level should coordinate with the efforts of the manager of the Middle Level. Similarly, the managers of the middle level should coordinate the efforts with the lower level managers. The lower level managers should coordinate with workers. Thus, the organization should be effected by coordination.

  • Staffing and Coordinating

Staffing includes Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Training, Transfer, and promotion. All these steps are coordinated properly. Similarly, all the efforts of individuals, departments, and groups should be coordinated to achieve the objectives of the organization. Thus, staffing must be effected by coordination.

  • Directing and Coordinating

Directing means giving essential information, guidance, and proper instructions to the subordinates. It results in coordination. Therefore, Coordination affects Direction.

  • Communicating and Coordinating

Many kinds of communication methods are there. It includes Formal, Informal, Upward, Downward, Written and Oral Communication. All these kinds of communication are coordinated properly. Lack of proper coordination hinders the smooth functioning of a communication process.

  • Motivating and Coordinating

There are various kinds of motivation. These include Positive Motivation, Financial Motivation, Negative Motivation, and Non-Financial Motivation. This motivation should be coordinated properly. Thus, motivation affects Coordination.

  • Leading and Coordinating

Every manager should be a good leader. He should coordinate the efforts of the subordinated to achieve the objectives. He should coordinate human resource too. He should also coordinate the financial and material resources of an organization. A leader is not able to survive without coordination. Leadership cannot perform without coordination.

  • Controlling and Coordination

The standards are fixed in controlling, the performances are then measured. Comparison of the performances is done with the standards. Deviations are depicted and thereafter the deviations are corrected. Controlling includes several steps. All the steps should be coordinated properly. Control will not succeed if not coordinated properly.

Thus, it can be concluded that the functions of management get affected by coordination. Therefore, coordinating is important to achieve the organization’s objectives. It is also needed for the growth, survival, and profitability of an organization.

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