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Conflict and Peace Assignment Help
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Conflict and Peace Assignment Help

People at a workplace may suffer from the conflict at work and such things reduce their efficiency, productivity. The managers require dealing with conflict at the workplace on a day to day basis. Conflict management deals with the ability of a person to be able to identify the conflicts and handle them sensibly, efficiently and effectively. There are a number of benefits as well as disadvantages of managing conflicts at work.

Time is a major disadvantage in developing an effective conflict management strategy

In the conflict and peace assignment help, time is considered as one of the major disadvantages of developing an effective conflict management strategy. To create as well as implement a conflict management plan, you require having time to do so.

Productivity: – In the conflict and peace assignment help, productivity is regarded as an advantage of conflict management. If you have spent time in developing a strategy then that gets subtracted from your productivity. However, in the long run, the time and efforts that you have spent on strategizing add to the productivity. If there are conflicts in the workplace then it becomes difficult to concentrate and do work. Resolving conflicts at the workplace is important to get on with more important tasks.

There is no clear-cut approach to identify conflict situations: – According to the conflict and peace assignment help experts and there are no clear-cut formulae to identify conflict situations as they can come in different shapes and sizes. If you already have a conflict management plan to tackle a particular situation then it may not yield results while dealing with other types of situations. There is always a disadvantage to develop a single conflict management strategy. Sometimes, more than one strategy for different situations can prove to be advantageous in developing a conflict management plan.

Creativity: – Conflict management assignment help from experts focus that if the management strategies are correctly implemented then it can lead to enhanced levels of productivity and creativity in the long run.

Conflict Management Strategies

According to conflict management assignment help writers, you present an assignment on the subject if you have a thorough understanding of the subject. There are many assignment writing help available online which offers customers high-quality conflict management assignment help. The conflict management assignment help contains the following strategies for conflict management.

Accommodating Strategy: – This strategy follows the rule of giving the other side what it wants. Whenever a conflict occurs then the strategy helps to reinstate peace, perceiving the issue causing the conflict as a minor one. This strategy helps to protect more important interests and gives up the less important ones. However, there are a few disadvantages of this strategy and the most important being the fact that when one accommodates the opponent then that person may receive abusive words, the opponent may try to take advantage of the situation and then it adversely affects the person who is accommodating, lowers the person’s confidence and affects the individual’s ability to respond to an aggressive opponent.

Avoiding Strategy: – The avoiding strategy put-off a conflict for an indefinite period of time. By using this strategy one anticipates resolving the problem without an open confrontation. This strategy helps a person to focus on important issues and ignore unnecessary conflicts. This also helps a person to prepare better by collecting information and responding to the opponent. Such strategy may adversely affect your relationship with a party which expects prompt action from your end.

Apart from the above-mentioned strategies, conflict management assignment help also focuses on other strategies that include “Collaborating”, “Compromising”, and “Competing”.

Steps to Manage Conflicts

The conflict and peace assignment help experts highlight the different steps to manage the conflicts.

  1. It is important to address a conflict:-The assignment emphasizes that it is important to address a conflict.
  2. Identify the issues and Attach Priority to them: – It is good to identify the issue and attach importance to it so that it can be resolved effectively.
  3. Discuss to Find an Amicable Solution:-If there is an issue between parties then it is always good to discuss between them to find an amicable solution.
  4. Analyse Data: – The conflict and peace assignment help providers at BookMyEssay analyses data collected from the parties and formulate a fair solution evaluating the data.
  5. Resolve a conflict: – Our conflict and peace assignment writing help suggest that the process of engaging with the parties as vital for resolving the conflict.

Conflict Management Assignment Writing Help

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