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Computer System Assignment Help

A computer system consists of both hardware and software. The physical components which we can touch constitute the hardware and the programs by which the computer system runs constitute the software. The software reads the instructions given through the hardware and processes it into an output in coherence with the provided instructions. With a team of skilled and educated computer science assignment writing experts, we effectively accomplish students’ requirements – ‘help with computer system assignment writing’. The hardware components are as follows:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): It can be regarded as computer’s brain. As the brain controls and coordinates all the information it receives, the CPU does it in the same way. It receives the input, processes it and gives the output accordingly. It has two main components called CU (Control Unit) and ALU (Arithmetic and Logical Unit).
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): It mainly controls the processing speed of the computer. It stores the data temporarily, when the processor is working on the information provided. The gets lost from the RAM when the computer gets switched off. More the RAM, more will be the processing speed of the computer.
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD): It is a permanent storage device attached to the computer system. Any type of information like documents, images, videos, databases etc. can be stored permanently in the hard drive. The data is not lost even when the computer system is switched off.

As far as the software components are concerned, there are two types of software used in the computer system. These are as follows:

  • Operation System Software: It is the coordination point between hardware and software. The starting of the computer depends upon the OS. Various types of operating systems popular in the market are Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The operating system is necessary for running of the application software.
  • Application Software: These software are designed to perform specific tasks such as browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, media players etc. These can run on any type of operating systems.

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Computer System – Maintenance and Protection

A computer system has certain programs which are used for the protection and maintenance of a computer system. These programs are inbuilt and are called system utilities. These are system clean up tools, virus protection and performance monitor. The clean up tools free the used up memory in the computer system. It deletes unnecessary files which use up the memory and slows down the computer. Another big problem for a computer system is its protection.

It needs protection from computer viruses. These are certain programs designed to harm the computer system. These may damage the operating system or the system files resulting in the loss of important data and information. Antivirus software give protection from virus and are to be updated from time to time. The performance of the computer system depends upon the efficient working of its hardware and software components. To have an eye on the working of the computer system a performance monitor (previously called system monitor) comes pre-installed in Windows Vista and all later versions of Windows.

Importance of Computer System

Today, the life without computers is not possible. Everything whether personal or public tasks are performed through computer systems. It has become an essential part of our life. The cell phones of today are very powerful computers, meant for fast and easy communication. Computer systems are meant for serious work also. All government and business houses whether big or small, depends on computers. The computers are used either singly or arranged as a network. As computer technology is advancing more and more, the dependence on computer systems is also getting more and more.

Difficulties Faced by Students during Writing Computer System Assignments

Sometimes the assignments that seem most easy are actually very difficult and complex. A student feels helpless at this moment. They have to take online computer system assignment writing help for completion of their project work. Despite having knowledge of computer systems, they find themselves stuck up. The concepts have to be crystal clear in order to solve computer system assignments.

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