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Expert Computational Biology Assignment Help

Computational Biology is a division of biology that involves the application of computer science and computers to model and understands the structures and life processes. This course covers basic data analysis problems, technology platforms, and algorithms. At BookmyEssay, we provide the students with the best Computational Biology assignment help.

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What is Computational Biology?

Computational Biology is an interdisciplinary field, which develops as well as applies computational methods for analyzing a huge number of biological data including cell populations, genetic sequences, or protein samples for making new predictions or discovering new biology. The computational methods that are used include mathematical modeling, analytical methods, and simulation.

Computational Biology includes several aspects of bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is a science to use biological data for developing models or algorithms to understand a biological system and its application. If you find mistakes you can ask for a review. BookMyEssay provide unlimited revisions for free even after delivering Computational Biology assignment writing help.

Role of Computational Biologists

Computational Biologists have the job to apply and develop data-analytic tools, mathematical modeling, theoretical methods, and software simulation techniques for exploring biological systems. Computation is an important part of research projects on biology. For instance, genomic databases, protein data banks, and brain MRI images have a large amount of raw data, which can be changed into insightful information.

Computational Biologists use their computational and math skills to translate the biological processes to computational models. Computational biologists work in various interdisciplinary sub-fields including population genetics, systems biology, molecular networks, and funcitonal, medical, agricultural, and comparative genomics. Students must need to obtain a wide interdisciplinary knowledge about the basic principles of biology, math, and computational science.


The career prospects of Computational Biologists have been discussed in detail in our Computational Biology assignment help. Oncology R&D departments employ computational biologists as members of teams who work to develop and discover new cancer treatment medications. They have the responsibility to provide computational support to fellow researchers by investigating treatment methods.

The Computational Biologists must have a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree in statistics, biometrics, or any other related field. They should have experience of genomic data processing and analysis along with knowledge of network analysis databases and industry pathway tools that are used in cancer research fields such as DABID and GSEA. They should have the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team setting and have to communicate in a concise manner. Experience in machine learning, scripting, and drug discovery is preferred.

Differences Between Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

The differences between these two fields have been highlighted by our Computational Biology dissertation expert. Computational Biology is a data-analytical and theoretical method, computational simulation, and mathematical modeling techniques for studying behavioral, biological, and social systems. Computational Biologists have the skills to develop algorithms, statistical evaluation, and mathematical modeling to make inferences from complex data sets.

On the other hand, Bioinformatics uses computational approaches and tools for expanding the use of medical, biological, health or behavioral data including store, acquire, archive, organize, analyze, or visualize data. The skills needed in bioinformatics include database development, software development, and visualization methods to transmit information that is contained in data sets.

Computational Biology focuses on the creation of tools and engineering side that work along with biological data for solving problems. This branch of biology is usually linked with practical application and it encourages the active biological analyses presentation using real data together with theory. It has various sub-fields including Computational Evolutionary Biology, Cancer Computational Biology, Computational Pharmacology, Computational Anatomy, and others.

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