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Definition of Civil Law

This branch of law can be explained as a body of rules which defines and safeguards private rights of citizens, provides legal remedies which is sought after to settle disputes. It enveloped several law areas like torts, contracts, property and family law. It is a specific law category which has got its origin from Rome ancient age and was deployed to doctrines to develop a code that determined how legal issues would be resolved/dealt with. As explained in Civil Law assignment help, this law aids in governing ordinary private matters, that are  set district from laws which deal with the matter in relation to the military, criminal law, or political. In addition to this, it also takes care of the body of law which handles private or civil rights, along with rendering solutions for mistakes committed by a person or entity that has done a crime. BookMyEssay gives online affordable essay assignment writing service on civil law without any delay.

Explaining the Branches of Civil Law

Civil law cases hold key categories that deal with one of the given issues. These are explained in detail in Civil law assignment help:

  • Contract Law: This is the first branch of civil law which deals with a mutual agreement that occurs between multiple parties. One amongst which has an obligation to hold up their portion that is synched with the agreement. This can be illustrated by an example in which two parties get into an agreement concerning an apartment lease. Such contracts either can be oral or written depending on the needs of the parties.
  • Tort Law: This is regarded as the next classification of Civil Law case study which is linked to personal injury and wrongdoing in the civil sense. This basically hits to the civil wrong which is handled by the person or entity. This also results in injury or property damage which also entails monetary compensation that is offered to injured party. This is a negligence that is an unintentional tort which is fuelled by four elements that must be satisfied.
    • Duty: This indicates that the defendant must act in a reasonable manner
    • In case of breach, it is treated as Breach of Duty
    • Causation: this results in plaintiff’s injury or unbearable loss
    • This is taken in context of property, monetary, or other loss incurred
  • Property Law: Property law as the name indicates is the law which is inclusive of both personal property as well as real property. By personal property, one is indicative of assets that are tangible like jewellery, merchandise, as well as other intangible things like patents, stocks, copyrights, among others. Whereas the term ‘Real Property’ indicates land and anything which is created and fixed and thus is difficult to be moved or transferred. Such are further categorised into two types of property law torts namely conversion and trespass.
  • Family LawThis is also pretty self-explanatory wherein the civil law is set in context of breach of laws that are related to matters concerning marriage, annulment, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, birth, among others. This is another significant branch of civil law which is studied in detail and is unique as its name. in this, the party accused does not necessarily is someone who have committed anything wrong. With the new cases arriving in the kitty, the court has started to recognised some additional instances covered under family law such as gay marriage, surrogate motherhood, artificial conception, and palimony.

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Common Topics of Help Covered in Civil Law

Civil Law also known as Civilian or Roman Law is now recognised as a widely spread category/ branch of law which existent in a wide spanning system. This category of law is linked to securing rights of the country’s citizens and curbing crimes. Also called Non-criminal Law, it involves taking legal actions so as to penalise them for doing anything wrong along with offering compensation to the victim. It covers some major topics namely Law of Civil Procedure, Outline of Civil Law, Civil Law Problems, Agrarian Law, Civil Code, Critical Legal Studies and Civil Society. Academic students can avail civil law case study assignment help from us.

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