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Business IT Alignment Assignment Help
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Business IT Alignment Assignment Help

These days, it is important for the companies to align the business strategies with IT or Information Technology. IT is a key business function in every organization for success and survival in this competitive world. Using IT in your business strategy you can attract numerous customers and it is the implementation tool for shaping the business strategies. There are multiple benefits when an organization aligns its business strategies with IT and therefore this topic often forms a part of the assignment for which students avail of Business IT Alignment assignment help from BookMyEssay. The objectives of aligning are to assist an organization in improving their marketplace competitiveness and financial performance. It can enhance productivity, reduce cost, improve workflow, standardize processes, and gain competitive advantage. The organizations improve their performance and in this way, they achieve their goals. We, at BookMyEssay, have hired writers who use their huge experience, in-depth knowledge, and skills for writing the assignments on Business IT Alignments for the students all across the globe. You can trust our best Australian writers for any assignment writing no matter how tough the topic is. Our professional team can help you to score highest marks in your academics and take our professional essay writer help.

Business IT Alignment

The market is dynamic in nature and therefore the competition among the organizations has intensified more than before. For survival, companies have to attain competitive advantages over other competitors. In the last few decades, IT has become highly important to the organizations. IT is the means to leverage the business strategies, allocate resources, build a reliable network, and create a good value proposition. It helps the organizations in differentiating its business from the others.

Aligning IT with business for achieving the competitive advantages of an organization is not an easy job. Many researchers hold the opinion that the performance of an organization depends on IT and Business Alignment. If the IT alignment is more mature then the organization performs better. Researchers have given many models and framework that can help the top managers in aligning their business strategy with IT. It has been observed in many organizations that IT does not support business strategy or business does not use IT to its full capacity.

Alignment between business strategies and IT is a top priority among the CIOs in private as well as public sectors. It can be thought to be aligned when the objectives of the business are supported, enabled, and stimulated by its strategies. Technology does not create value but business processes create value that uses the technology properly. This is not a single step but rather a continuous sequence that affects IT and businesses, both.

Business strategies are ever changing and IT should be kept aligned with these changes. The alignment should consider the internal and the external domains. Internal domain involves redesign of business process, administrative structures, human resources, and organizational competencies. The external domain includes business environment wherein organizations are already occupied with decisions related to strategies, offerings, partnerships, and alliances.

Thus, an organization in order to improve its business performance and achieve the competitive advantage should align its IT plan with the business plan. The IT systems should be in accordance with the organization’s resources and capabilities. Implementation is important not only for gaining a competitive advantage but for proper functioning too in this changing business environment.

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A student’s life is not easy because they have to complete numerous assignments along with their regular studies that often affects their health. Inability to manage time and study makes it more challenging to work on the assignments. Though they put on a lot of hard work they do not achieve the desired results. Apart from time constraints, many other reasons make them take assignment help on Business IT Alignment subject from BookMyEssay.

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