Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss Assignment Help

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss Assignment Help
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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss Assignment Help

Biodiversity refers to the variety, variability of life on Earth. It measures the variation at the genetic, the species and the ecosystem levels. Bio-diversity differs from place to place and terrestrial biodiversity is recorded greater at the equator. This is because of warm climatic conditions and high primary productivity. In this context it is worth mentioning that the bio-diversity is greater in the tropical forests despite the fact that these tropical forests cover less than 10% of the earth’s surface and contains 90% of the world’s species. Bio-diversity and ecosystem loss takes place when the trees are rampantly cut, forests are destroyed, and industries are established, run, there is increased environmental pollution.

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Overview of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss

Biodiversity and ecosystem loss is often studied at the graduate or post graduate levels. The subject deals with the variability and variety of life on earth. It measures the variation at the genetic, ecosystem and the species levels. Bio-diversity differs from place to place on the surface of the earth. Observation reveals that it is enhanced near the equators and that is because of the warm climatic conditions and thick vegetation. With the cutting of trees, pollution is occurring, climate is getting altered and the biodiversity of a place is also changing. The subject Biodiversity and Ecosystem loss is an attempt to study this loss that arises from changes in the environment.

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Help with Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss Assignment

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