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Bernoulli Distribution Assignment Help
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Bernoulli Distribution Assignment Help

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The Theory of Bernoulli Distribution

Bernoulli distribution theory is named after Jacob Bernoulli, a Swiss scientist. It determines the probability of a random variable. There can be only two possible results for this distribution: success and failure. This distribution finds out the solutions for the cases where there can be only two terms, yes or no, true or false and success and failure. If the success probability is ‘p’ then the failure probability is ‘1-p’. If 1 is the value of the random variable for success probability then automatically the failure probability becomes 0. The random variable is the Bernoulli random variable and this probability distribution is termed as Bernoulli distribution. In this distribution, unlike other binomial distribution, there is just a single experiment.

The key points to be considered while preparing for Bernoulli Distribution assignment help are as follows:

  1. For a single experiment, many trials are performed and all the trials are pre-determined.
  2. There can be only two possible outcomes from a trial, success or failure.
  3. The success probability in all the trials is same.
  4. The outcome of a trial is not dependent on the outcome of another trial, which means they are independent.

This distribution has its application in real life that involves noting a specific event that may occur or not as recorded as success or failure. Few examples are the probability of salary increment or chance of getting a head from a coin flip.

Need for Bernoulli Distribution Assignment Writing Help

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