BCG Growth Share Matrix Assignment Help

BCG Growth Share Matrix Assignment Help
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BCG Growth Share Matrix Assignment Help

BCG Growth matrix is a management tool for the assessment of the strategic position of the brand and its future potential. Students of business management and marketing management are given an intensive training on the application of BCG Growth Share Matrix. We are proving top class BCG Growth Share Matrix assignment help for the benefits of the management students for whom cracking the assignments on this topic is really tough. Our expert Assignment help tutors in this realm know how to write these types of assignments expertly and seize the attention of the examiner and also get top marks. Our student members are always tension free, as this assignment writing is made easy by our writers.

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BCG Growth Share Matrix at a Glance

BCG Growth Share Matrix is a methodology formulated by Boston Consulting Group to assess the strategic position of the concerned business brand and its future prospect. According to BCG Matrix, a business portfolio is differentiated into four major categories based on the valuation of the business with respect to the industry and market competitiveness or the relative market share of the brand. These two extremely important aspects of a business reveal the likely effectiveness of the business portfolio from the aspect of cash needed to support that business and cash made by it. The general purpose of the study is to help the experts of the industry or the management of the concerned business understand, which brands are suitable in the current market conditions and where the company should invest or which area needs no more attention, etc.

Look at the following figure:

There are four categories in which all the brands of an organization are included assuming that the organization contains more than one brand, in their portfolio:

Dogs: These brands hold low market share in comparison to the competitors. They also operate in a sluggish market. These brands are not worth investing as the gain from this brands normally negative. However, this is not always true as some dogs can be profitable in the long run. In some situations, they can act as a protector of other brands by keeping the competitors engaged. Depending on the market, the management needs to take one or many strategic decisions like investment or divestment, retrenchment, etc.

Cash Cows: These signify the most popular brand that can be used in any way to achieve a wide market exposure as well as good amount of cash. The cash received from the cash cows are generally invested in the expansion on the stars of a company. A strategic decision that can be taken in this realm is vertical or horizontal integration, product development, market penetration, etc.

Stars: These brands are operative in high-growth industries and they keep high market share. Star brands are both cash generators and they frequently seek investment. They have the capability to become cash cows in the long run. In this situation, the strategic choice in the hand of the management is vertical or horizontal integration, market penetration, market development, etc.

Question marks: These are the brands that need much attention. They are weak and possessing lower market share; however, they are capable of becoming stars if proper steps are taken. The strategic choices for the management are market penetration, product development, market development, product development, investment or divestment, etc.

BCG Growth Share Matrix is really an effective tool for the management. Market experts often apply this tool for getting a certain result and take necessary decision. The method is simple to apply but it may not be effective always. Students need to know the situation where it can be best applied. There are many external factors that are equally important in determining the success or failure of an organization as a whole.

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