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Australian Taxation Assignment Help
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Australian Taxation Assignment Help

Australia is the highest taxing country in the world. There are numerous taxes, each has its own laws and rules, the Australians and Australia based business entities need to pay as per the rules and regulations. The Taxation system in also very complex one which is regulated from ATO or Australian Taxation Office. Everyone working in Australia needs to have Tax file number which is given from ATO. How much income tax one needs to pay depends on how much one earns yearly. Students studying accounting or doing special courses on taxation are often given assignments on Australian taxation system. These assignments come in form of some problems where calculation of total income tax is asked to find out or students are given any special issues regarding laws related to taxation or problems related to tax evasions etc. BookMyEssay provides professional assignment writing service whereby students could contact expert academicians and professionals on Australian taxation system to provide all necessary support to complete their assignments.

Why professional help is required to complete taxation assignments?

Laws related to taxation or the rules and regulations regarding Australian taxation system are very dynamic one. Tax calculations for the business owners, self-employed personnel or service owners vary in different aspects. Assignments given on taxation in Australia are the toughest assignments in finance and accounts. These require intensive calculation through specified systems or strictly following prevailing accounting concepts in Australia. Students may also be required to interpret certain sections of related laws or may be required to take evidences from any case to interpret a situation. As a whole, without vast knowledge on Australian taxation system, accounting concepts, taxation laws, and landmark decisions in certain cases reading income tax etc., it is virtually impossible to write these assignments efficiently.

At the same time, it is also true that most of the students feel nervous while handling assignments on Australian Taxation. Apart from proper understanding about the complete system, many other factors like poor English, lack of references or simply lack of confidence may come up as hindrances. Thus, necessity of professional guidance arises. Professional guides appointed by BookMyEssay provides expert support with their vast experiences and updated knowledge that ultimately helps the students to complete assignments on Australian taxation successfully.

What are Common Types of Taxation in Australia?

There are wide array of taxation system prevails in Australia, some of them are as follows:

  • Personal income tax – It depends on the income bracket in which one falls. In Australia income tax is imposed in progressive rates, i.e. higher the income. More will be income tax. Personal income tax rates may change at different points of time during a year. So, a tax payer must have a clear idea on tax rates and income bracket while paying his income tax.
  • Goods and Services tax – Presently, Goods and services tax are imposed at 10% rate for all goods or services sold in Australia. There are some exemptions too.
  • Capital Gain tax – It is related to disposal of assets when federal Government imposes some taxes on the disposable asset. There are several rules attached with Capital Gain tax with some exceptions too.
  • Corporate tax – Business houses or corporates need to pay tax on their earned profits each year. In Australia Corporate tax is imposed at a flat rate which is currently 30% of income earned for large corporate bodies and 28.5% for smaller ones. Corporate tax law has clearly defined the meaning of large and small businesses.
  • Property taxes – This is an important source of income for the local governments. Different types of property taxes are imposed on citizens that include taxes on land value for residential, industrial and commercial properties etc.

Besides numerous other taxes like fuel taxes, departure tax, excise taxes, luxury car tax, custom duty, inheritance tax and superannuation tax etc. are imposed where rates also change from time to time. Again, each of these taxation systems are governed by particular legislations like Income Tax assessment act 1997, Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) act 1992, Fringe Benefits Act 1986 etc.

Students need to know all these different types of taxation and their related legislations properly in order to write assignments on taxation in correct ways.

How BookMyEssay provides professional support?

BookMyEssay has employed a team of dedicated writers for Australian taxation assignment help. Besides students could avail all types assistance from this professional assignment help organization that makes their assignment writing job easier and faster. Some mention worthy features of this organization are as follows –

  • A students help desk is available throughout the year and 24×7 where students could contact directly with their issues.
  • Assignments are completed well within deadlines.
  • Review and rectification jobs of a completed assignment is performed without any extra charge.
  • The entire service is very much affordable for the students.

Helping the students struggling hard with their Australian taxation assignments is the only motto of the writers involved in this profession. With their professional help, students never fail to achieve higher grades.

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