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A Brief Note on Atom

Do you have any idea what your body is made of? Generally, people will think about organs like heart, lungs, kidneys etc. Some may zoom into the next level say about the different types of cells. Well, as per the knowledge of science, every living and nonliving body is made up of atoms. They together form larger structures which are known as molecules. We often hear about these terms in chemistry and physics. Atoms and molecules are a part of complex, living and nonliving beings.

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Elucidating the Term: Atom

The basic unit of a matter is called atom. It also defines the structure of various elements. Atom is a word that is derived from the Greek word meaning indivisible. This is the reason atom is considered as the smallest thing in universe and could not be divided. However, according to recent studies, atom is formed from three particles which are known as neutrons, electrons and protons. These are further formed from quarks. The history of atom comes from the Big Bang that took place 13.7 billion years ago. After the hot and dense universe started cooling, conditions became suitable for electrons and quarks to survive and give space. The formation of atom took place within the first few minutes of universe’s existence. Atoms give the shape and chemical properties of an element. For instance, a silver coin is made of large number of silver atoms which are molded into the particular shape. Apart from these atoms there are also other contaminating elements that come together. You can make an impressive Atom research paper writing service from BookMyEssay.

There are two regions in an atom. The first part is the tiny atomic nucleus and the other is electron. The nucleus of an atom is situated at the center and contains a number of positive and negatively charged particles. The positively charged particles are known as protons and the neutrally charged are called neutrons. On the contrary, the part that consists of electron is larger than the nucleus. This is why, it is often known as cloud. There is a constant friction between positive and negative particles. This holds the atom affix. Most atoms contain these sub-atomic particles (protons, electrons and neutrons). However, in the case of hydrogen (H) things are different as it typically contains one proton and electron without having neutrons. The element of an atom is determined by the number of protons while the reaction is ascertained by the number of electrons.

As gram is not that convenient unit for measuring the mass of an atom, Dalton or atomic mass unit (amu) is used to define the same. A single neutron or proton weighs approximately 1 amu.  To know more about Atom homework and assignment help feel free to go through the contents provided by BookMyEssay.

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