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Article Submission Help

Article submission is one of the most popular and effective SEO techniques. As the name indicates, it entails the task of writing articles which are closely relevant to the nature of online business one is indulged into. Once the articles are written, the same gets added to the well-known article submission directories. This process is carried out with the core purpose of attracting visitors in a huge number.  Though these articles, the writers leave marks for posting internal links which can direct the users to the website. Article Submission help emphasizes on the fact that articles that are intended to be submitted must be placed in close relation with the business purpose and nature. By submitting articles that are true to context, an assignment provider can enhance the chances of longing the life of articles. Precisely, articles submitted with the sole purpose of  article writing and overlooking the context of the website bear poor quality.

What are the Common Article Submission Websites Online?

Some of these websites include the popular names like Wikipedia and eHow. These websites have a tightly controlled content wherein links are not allowed to be posted. Also, some of these pages are closely linked to a number of sources. Also, these sites strictly monitor and decide the kind and nature of articles that can be submitted. So, the administrators assess if the posted content has actually some value or flavour that can bind readers or make the text accepted.

Article submission to sites that have ‘no follow’ links. This is done to ensure that the site is free from the influence of spammers. So, some of these websites mark article as ‘no follow’ which indicates the writers to submit articles without any link addition which directs the visitors onto the linked site. This implies that search engines do not ignore the link but just perceive it as a factor link. The process of article submission and article addition facilitates the writers to edit their content or in some cases submit the edited research proposals.

Article Submission Experts Explain Some Core SEO Techniques

Article submission is done with the sole purpose of increasing the ranking of a site on the search engine. This process is aimed at enhancing online business ranking thereby escalating the site’s reach to the interested audiences and visitors. This is also aimed at increasing the backlinks quantity for the purpose of PR. Courted as a major benefit of article submission, this process works towards establishing a specific website owner into a self-sufficient expert trained in handling online business promotion.

So, while many business / website owners aim to develop content and publicize it online, here are a few SEO related tips that need to be considered at the time of writing which need to be submitted online. These tips are designed to help paper writers learn about the successful technique of reaching the target audience and increasing site ranking when searches are run on popular search engines.

  • First and the foremost is that articles created must be absolutely original and enriched with specific information. Website that invite article submission lay down strict rules against duplication of content.
  • Each article must carry a distinct title along with its main keyword. This will assist the search engine crawlers to detect the article in the search results in order to present results in relation with topic searched.
  • Articles submitted must carry relevant keywords. However, it is important to bear in mind that keyword density must follow the stated rules. Excessive feeding of keywords will result in keyword stuffing spamming the article resultantly.
  • It is important to limit the article length between the stated word count; generally, between 500 – 700
  • Last but not the least, articles that need to be posted must carry relevant subheadings, bullets or numberings which are also known as relevant break points. This will help the readers to grasp the article content easily and make the draft look more presentable and not just word-filled.

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