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An Introduction to ARM Processor

ARM processor is a part of CPU which is based on Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture. It is developed by Advanced RISC Machines (ARM). It is a 32 bit RISC and is highly used in mobile phones. Apart from that, it is used Personal Digital Assistance (PDA), Hand–handling gaming system, digital media, calculator, etc.  If you are looking for ARM assignment help to accomplish your assignment on a topic related to ARM successfully within the due time, then you have come to the right place. We are no.1 assignment providing firm. Our writers know how to accomplish an assignment if any type successfully. Keep all your schedule intact and contact BookMyEssay for an upgraded ARM case study writing help.

An Overview of ARM Processor

In the year 1987, ARM-based processor computer was first introduced. Nowadays, ARM technology is used by all companies including Apple, Cirrus Logic, LG, Intel, Sony, Samsung, etc. ARM processor is generally simple and small-sized processor. Along with the reduced complexity, it also consumes less power which makes it suitable for many electronic devices. The ARM was introduced in the year 1983 when Acorn Computer Ltd. first launched the ARM-based processor. Our professional essay writers associated with ARM research paper writing help keep intensive knowledge in all these matters. So, if you have any doubt in mind, consult them immediately.

The main features of ARM processor include load/store architecture, orthogonal instruction set, increased power-saving technology, support for hardware virtualization, etc. The latest version of ARM processor is ARM 11 and its feature includes the following:

  • It has an operating frequency of 335 Hz
  • It has a power consumption capability of 0.4mW/MHz
  • Harvard architecture is used in ARM 11
  • MMU/MPU is also present in ARM 11
  •  The cache memory of size 4 to 6 KB is present
  • Its Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) is V6.
  • Has increased multiply instruction and saturation
  • It has very powerful ARMV6 instruction set architecture
  • It supports DSP extensions
  • Consumes less power than another version of ARM
  • It has high-performance integer processor

If you want to write an ace assignment in a topic related to ARM, you have to know every aspect of it precisely just like the experts of ARM homework and assignment help. With the help of ARM, it is possible to have efficient multi-core processing and it can also be made with easier code. In ARM architecture a huge number of the small, sophisticated and low-power processor are present that can share the tasks among them. All the processors that exist within the ARM architecture have higher capacity processors. The process by which ARM processor works are called as ‘scaling out’ of x86 based servers. In x86 server the performance of process enhanced when ARM processor is used.

ARM processor belonged to that processor family which belonged to a smartphone, home-based computer and embedded applications. It helps in delivering low power as well as a range of performance. ARM 11based processor is compatible with all generation of ARM processor. It introduced 32-bit SIMD for any kind of media processing. In the ARM processor, the 32-bit SIMD can physically tag the cache which helps in a great way in improving the performance of operating system context.

ARM 11 processor includesARM1176JZ (F)-S & ARM11MP core, ARM1136J (F)-S, ARM1156T2-S processor. It has memories for real-time applications and it is embedded for USB controllers, Bluetooth controllers, Medical scanners, etc.

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