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Argumentative writing is the most common type of write-up that students come across right from the beginning of their academic education. Writing argumentative paper and essay is not as easy as it seems. The argumentative writing demands a completely unique approach and comprehensive planning. The first and foremost aspect of any argumentative writing lies in its flow and tone. The writer needs to have just perfect knowledge on the facts he or she is supporting and the arguments bought in the essay must have complete logic which will be able to keep a reader spellbound and supportive to the views of the writer.

As far as assignments on argumentative writings are concerned, students must have clear understanding on the type of format they are about to present. Otherwise, they can lose huge marks only because of wrong formatting. BookMyEssay provides all necessary support to the students who are struggling hard with their argumentative writing assignments. The best Australian writers of BookMyEssay are dedicated to keep hundreds of students absolutely de-stressed with this kind of assignment help.

What is Argumentative Writing?

Generally speaking, argumentative writing is a special kind of writing where the writer firmly establishes his opinions through proper arguments. Here arguments mean theories, evidences, data and other sources of information that helps in establishing the writers view and keep no place for the readers to argue on the opinion and conclusion made by the writer. Argumentative writings are mostly organized as essays; however, there are many instances available where argumentative writings are formatted as reports or letters.

How Argumentative Essays are Written?

Apart from the depth of writing, it is the flow of writing that matters a lot in argumentative writings. The subheadings must have a link with each other. An argumentative writing is considered successful when it compels a reader to read the entire essay without losing concentration.

There are four basic elements in an argumentative writing –

  • Position – It is the basic necessity of an argumentative writing. The author must take a position and should also state clearly his stance before analyzing the subject matter.
  • Reasons – The author must make it clear why he has taken that position or what caused him to take that position? It is a type of explanation that enables a reader to understand what the writer is going to discuss in the rest of the essay.
  • Evidences – These are actually the references in support of presented argument. The writer is bound to give logical explanations and evidences to all the points he/she is about to mention in the work. Evidences are the most important part of an argumentative writing. Stronger the evidences, stronger will be the arguments in support of the position taken by the author. Evidences must be introduced with actual sources or names of the authors or researchers. Arbitrary evidences make an essay weaker and less appealing.
  • Explanation – It is meant to support the position taken by the author. Explanation is written keeping focus on the subject matter, as also using the evidences as much as possible. In any topics on social or legal issues explanation without evidence is useless.
  • Counterargument – Through some short paragraphs, writer can also bring all possible counter paragraphs and nullify them through his evidences and explanation. Introducing counterarguments and then invalidating them make the writers view even stronger.

What is Examiners Expects from a Student?

Writing argumentative essay works like a writing practice for the students which drives out their strengths and weaknesses. The writing also demonstrates their critical thinking skills. This is why it is considered as the most important task of their academic studies. Marks are attached in all parameters of an assignment writing job like following ones –

  • How are evidences used to support the position taken by the writer?
  • Whether correct references are adopted or not? And whether the referencing style is correct or not?
  • How much focused is the essay?
  • Whether the writer’s English is good enough and grammatically correct?

Since, these are the parameters which carry marks, students must concentrate on all the basic norms of argumentative writing and guidelines provided with the assignment assistance.

Some common types of argumentative assignments will make these points clear –

  • Capital punishment should be banned
  • Security cameras are making women more vulnerable to sexual abuse
  • Government should have a strong family planning guideline
  • Homeschooling will make students deceitful
  • Experiment on animals in cosmetics industry is unethical

Thus, it is evident from the above examples that tasks are clearly mentioned in most of the argumentative writing assignments. Students must write accordingly keeping mind the parameters.

How the Writers at BookMyEssay Extends their Support to the Students?

Writers of argumentative essay are experts in their subjects as also experts in this style of writing. Naturally they provide 100% plagiarism free customized assignments well within the given deadlines.

How Helpful BookMyEssay Can be For the Students?

Not only the writers but also the entire team of BookMyEssay are working with a Motive to provide the most efficient assignment writing service to the students in distress. The student care executives are accessible 24×7. Apart from this, the hiring an expert writer is absolutely affordable because, our charges very extremely reasonable.

At the end, students get their argumentative writing tasks on time which allows them to make on time submissions. Our expert writing style can also help you secure better grades. So, stop bothering about your complicated writing task and assign them to us. We are always available to serve you.

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