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Architectural Design Assignment Help
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Architectural Design Assignment Help from Experts

Architectural Design – An Introduction to the Basics

Architecture is considered as a process as well as planned product that is targeted at designing and constructing various architecture. This term is vastly used in relation to the creation of buildings, or any other infrastructure at a wide scale. The process of architecture designing involves major tasks of creating a plan, designing as well as creating various infrastructures carrying different forms, spaces and ambiences that throw a functional, social, technical, environmental and aesthetic appeal to the people. This course is undertaken by students who love to get into the practice of architecture as it lays extreme focus on spatial relationships, orientation along with multiple linking support of activities that need to be carried out within a designed environment. This art goes hand in hand with the special arrangement and visual rhythm that is created by a number of structural elements in contract to structural systems designed on their own.

Architecture Course Curriculum topics for which students seek Architectural Design assignment help

The entire purpose of taking a course in architecture and deigning techniques is to provide in depth training to students on historiography and historical study architecture study. Thus, it also aims at giving complete technical understanding and technical knowledge to students who wish to take up challenging roles in the domain architecture. The courses undertaken by students across the world provide them with precise learning about architectural practices which is also a common assignment help on Architectural design topic for students.

The entire architectural designing course/program offer a complete and highly professional blend of knowledge and historical analysis which is essential to take up difficult designing projects in the current scenarios. The students engaged in the course related to architecture deigning can also take up learning across various streams such as studio art, landscape architecture, art history, public history, regional planning, wood technology, computer science, building materials, environmental engineering, civil engineering, among others.

Major Types of Design Studied by Students in Architectural Design Assignment Writing Help

Learning form the entire history, the core architecture designs are originated and practised in America. Taking for example re the construction of Greek Temples which are inspired by European cathedrals and plantation-style homes carrying forward the gothic adaptation inspired in the home design. Some of the most common architectural deigns that are important for the students to study include the following:

  • Greek – Greek Revival style is considered as an adaptation of classic Greek temple. It represents a structure in which rows of similar-arranged columns hold Doric, Corinthian or Ionic order. The columns are studded with a full entablature on the top over which a pediment roof is placed. As an illustration, white-columned southern plantation homes can be named as one of the most popular representations of Greek Revival architecture design.
  • Egyptian – As the name indicates, such kind of designing gains its inspiration from Egyptian architecture, dating back to 1920s. It never expanded to a large scale wherein the similar style of movie theatres, and churches of that time where constructed. This kind of designing sports flat roofs as well as smooth-wall finishes with entrances standing similar to gateways to Egyptian temples
  • Gothic – This category of architectural designing was extremely in the mid-1830s, and many cottages, churches and castles represented this style. These constructs have steeply-pitched roofs and homes designed in this style have gingerbread cuts along the eaves.
  • Mission – This kind of architectural deigning is simplest among all where walls are created using stucco or plaster and roof have a row of reds extended to the outer walls. Large buildings that are built in this style have tall towers and compact balconies.
  • Art Deco – This kind of buildings have major focus on their towering heights and feature a geometric form. The door and window openings have low relief ornamentation that are in tandem with rest of the building material. The entire construct highlights some impressive decorations using metals, mosaic tiles and coloured-glaze bricks.

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