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Application Tracking System Assignment Help
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Application Tracking System Assignment Help

What is Application Tracking System?

ATS or Application Tracking Systems are a software, which is a human resource database for organizing the applicants. ATS can be a close comparison to the CRM or the customer relationship management tools but have a specific focus on the search functionality. It is used by companies of all sizes to go through the huge number of job applications and for contacting and organizing those applicants. The main objective of this software is simplifying the job of a recruiter or a hiring manager. The efficient Application Tracking System assignment help writers of BookMyEssay have huge knowledge related to this topic. Our paper writers can provide you with accurate solutions regarding every HR assignment topic. Our experienced writers can manage all the assignments confidently and they shall always offer you a high-quality writing. This will help you to secure top grades in your assignments. The experts of Application Tracking System homework assignment help online are available to offer you 24×7 assistance.

Application Tracking System

Application tracking systems have been designed for searching the resumes in the same manner the hiring manager or the recruiter would do. They reduce the workload of the recruiters and try to copy the human process. When a hiring manager or a recruiter has his inbox full of resumes he or she does not have the time for reading each one in-depth. So, they look out for the keywords connected to that position. ATS automates the process and makes the searching process very easy. This saves a lot of time and also avoid the human errors. According to our Application Tracking System case study assignment help, the reasons to use ATS are as follows:

  • ATS or Application Tracking Systems reduces the workload of the hiring managers and the recruiters. With the help of the internet, the job seekers can apply to a job very easily. The different job sites allow the job seekers to apply by using the saved resume and with just a single click.
  • It is also used due to law. The implementation of the Internet Applicant Rule is meant for better record-keeping of the employees. It requires that all companies who have 100 and more employees submit the EEO-1 report every September. The EEO-1 report tracks the information of employees related to race and gender. STS makes this process very simple.
  • Job applying has become very easy but for the hiring manager, it is a daunting task. The recruiter or the hiring manager is unable to take out time and search through all the applications. ATS is a solution to all the problems.
  • This software can organize as well as save the resume for using them later. Your assignment may include this vital aspect of application tracking system, so you have to be as efficient as the Application Tracking System coursework writing help. It is not just a filtering database but also a great tool used by the organizations for hiring. The hiring managers can directly send emails to the applicants for informing them whether they are or not selected for the interview. If the application was not correct for a particular position he can switch back to the system and pull up a different application.

Benefits of ATS

It keeps a track of the applicants and it saves money, time, and paper. It streamlines the process of recruiting in the following manner:

  • It uses the keywords filters for saving time and locates a particular resume quickly.
  • You can attach tags, ratings, and notes to the candidates.
  • It is a comprehensive database and keeps the records of all applicants.
  • Interview management features
  • It has tools for creating careers page for the website and also the job postings.

ATS makes it simple and easy for the hiring manager to collaborate. It is an integral part of HRM. However, you need lots of studies and practices on different aspects of ATS to understand the subject intensively and apply it to real-world situations. We are at BookMyEssay receive several requests for assignment assistance on Application Tracking System almost daily.

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